Monday, January 18th 2010

PowerColor Announces the ''DirectX 11 Experience'' Contest

PowerColor today announced the "How was your first time? DX11 Experience!" contest in collaboration with media partners. Participating online publications' online communities including members of TechPowerUp Forums will be able to participate in the contest. The objective is to take an artistic picture of yourself at your "First time DX11 experience" as PowerColor puts it, your reaction to the visual realism DirectX 11 shows, etc.

Entries collected in this community will be put to a vote by its members. The best entry from the community will win a PowerColor HD 5770 PCS+ graphics card. Winning entries from the various participating publications will make it to a larger selection where a worldwide winner will be announced.

The fine-print of this contest follows after the break.


The rules of this competition are simple, just submit a picture of your first DX11 experience moment, you’re reaction, or you’re cat reaction to your reaction, anything that might relate to your first DX11 Experience! You just have to hope that others will vote for you as the most original.

This competition has five communities as partners where you can submit your picture, later the community you submitted your picture will vote for the most original one to represent their community. The winner of each community will get brand new PowerColor PCS+ 5770.

When each community has found its winner will then go on direct competition with the other communities winners in a voting that will be held here to find the craziest picture of all. The global winner will receive a brand new PowerColor PCS+ 5870.

Click on one community logo below and show them why you had to close you’re room when you got your first DX11 ready card.

1. You must be 16 years or older to participate.
2. You must own the submitted picture / have the rights to use it.
3. Participants are required to upload their pictures both in the main competition page and the community they choose to participate.
4. No plagiarism of any kind. If you copy you will be disqualified and publicly humiliated
5. It’s a open to creativity competition, you can post pictures of anything that might relate to your first DX11 Experience, your reaction, your room’s door scratched from your dog that wanted to go for a walk and you were too entertained to remember, well anything original just be creative!
6. Pictures can include artwork and be modified.
7. No pornography, nudity, profanity, nor any kind of material that might be offensive.
8. In case of tie, each community administrator will ultimately choose the winner
9. Only one participation per user/person allowed.
10. PowerColor will do everything in their power to ensure a speedy delivery of all of the prizes.
11. PowerColor and its partners reserves the right to refuse entry into the competition, and any entrant found cheating, plagiarizing, or generally following un-sportsmanlike behavior will be instantly disqualified.
12. No responsibility will be taken for lost entries.
13. These rules may change at any time and you must accept these changes.
14. By submitting your first entry, you have confirmed your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The contest is open to TechPowerUp Forums community members from all over the world. To participate in the contest from TechPowerUp Forums, visit this page.

Source: PowerColor
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10 Comments on PowerColor Announces the ''DirectX 11 Experience'' Contest

4. No plagiarism of any kind. If you copy you will be disqualified and publicly humiliated
Well at least they have a sense of humor :D
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pr0n Inspector
My D3D11 experience was horrible. Mein arschenhaller still burnz.
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This would be a cool competition to join, but:
1) Powercolor contests suck IMO; &
2) There's no use showing them my first time with a 5850 coz they'd just say I plagiarised Lonely Island's J*zz in my Pants!:roll:
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Only a 5770 meh..
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Wohooo! One more great contest from Powercolor! I hope they and you will like my photo :)

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That's kinda funny. Why they want to ask us the experience with DX11 and then give us a DX11 card as a prize? I mean ok, if i know the experience with DX11 i already own HD5750 or better.
So, what's the point of getting another one (apart from CrossfireX)? It would make more sense for anything else related to sub-DX11 card and then get the latest DX11 tech as a prize.
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What if I was so immersed that my home burned down and I almost died? Could I sue them for realness infrengement as the graphics were so good? Woud I still win the card if I were to submit a picture?

So we win a card that does DX11 but only after we buy a card that does it?

Perhaps this wasn't the most thought out contest. If I already had for example a 5870, why would I want a 5770? Could I sell it? Do we get a trip to Bora Bora as a alternate prize?

How about a gift certificate good for XXX to your card of choice? Then if you have a 5870, and get this you can get it at a rebate price? Or you could use this to trade up?
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I agree with everyone. This is dumb as hell.

I certainly wish I had a DX11 card already though.
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