Tuesday, March 9th 2010

A-DATA Releases microSDHC Class 10 Memory Cards

A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd., the worldwide leader in DRAM memory and Flash application products, today announced the addition of microSDHC Class 10 memory cards to its product lineup. Besides high capacity, this new Class 10 card further brings users with unrivaled data transfer performance, providing a total upgrade solution ideal for the latest generation of mobile phones that come with a card slot.

Compliant with the SD Association Specification v3.00 to meet Class 10 requirements, A-DATA microSDHC Class 10 memory cards outperform others by delivering up to 16 MB/s in read and 10 MB/s in write, which is 1.6 times faster than the preceding Class 6 cards. Such impressive performance allows users to be able to enjoy the versatility and advanced multimedia features of the prevailing smartphones; recording continuous high-definition videos, transferring music files or running multiple applications on mobile devices cannot get any easier with the new speed class offered by A-DATA.
Available from 4GB, A-DATA microSDHC Class 10 memory cards come in both stand-alone and adapter pack. The adapter serves to extend its application by making data access across compatible platforms with ease. As the leader in flash storage, A-DATA offers complete microSDHC solutions from Class 2 up to Class 10 to meet the diversified needs of the mobile users. All A-DATA memory cards are highly reliable with the lifetime product warranty.
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3 Comments on A-DATA Releases microSDHC Class 10 Memory Cards

I thought Class 10 would have speeds like 22MB/s like the ones from Panasonic do....
Bird of Prey
Im not overly impressed, be it saving files from a computer or on my phone. I need some semblance of speed. Right now, even USB 2.0 is as slow as molasses.
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sounds kinda right, sounds faster than 1.6 times class 6, wish it was faster but here is my A data class 6, 4gb micro sd
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