Tuesday, March 23rd 2010

NZXT Readies Crafted Series Vulcan Micro-ATX Case

NZXT's newest creation is the Vulcan. This micro-ATX tower case, as the company claims, is 40% more compact than ATX full-towers, and is designed to be LAN-portable. Being part of its Crafted Series cases, the Vulcan got its fair share of aesthetics that come from sharp industrial looks, all-black interiors, and extensive ventilation. The case measures 380 (H) x 180 (W) x 406 (D) mm, weighing 5.9 kg. It supports micro-ATX form-factor motherboards with nearly all the upper region of the motherboard tray having an opening to help handling certain types of CPU coolers. The case has two 5.25" drive bays, and four 3.5" bays in two parts. Between these two parts there's room created for long graphics cards. Ventilation includes 120 mm fan front intake, two 120 mm top exhaust, 92 mm rear exhaust, and a large 200 mm side panel intake. The Vulcan could be rolled out next month.
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looks promising ... :toast: ... good airflow ... can fit even a 5970 in it ... not bad at all
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I love the looks and the inside layout.
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At least its a step in the right direction for them. Whats up with the handles though?
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I wish they'd make a uATX Tempest instead!
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I'm the only one
Mmm crafted series,is that a plastic "crafted" front.
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tiggerMmm crafted series,is that a plastic "crafted" front.
More than likely, but it also won't cost an arm and a leg.
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Bird of Prey
For a micro ATX case, that bish looks like it could handle a full ATX board with room. Love the cooling and black powder inside. Outside looks like some sort of mech from InWin.
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It's so ugly that i actually like it. Still, it should be good
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This case looks pretty sweet if it was a little larger I might invest.
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THe case looks awesome wonder if it'll get here (Arg).

The front looks kinda like GM R4 Bulldozer :P
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assaulter_99Whats up with the handles though?
LAN PARTY:laugh:
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I'm the only one
Hernia party more like.
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tiggerHernia party more like.
well its not like caring a fully loaded haf 932 to lan party ... rofl
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no joke my rig weighs 52 pounds (like I put like a V10 on my southbridge)
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This is probably as close to perfection as I've seen for a m-ATX case to date. Plenty of room, good airflow, it's like someone at NZXT got a muse or something since most of their cases are pretty crappy. The only real complaint I can see is the dumpy mesh side panel and 92mm rear exhaust fan mount I mean, come on, that case screams out for mounting an H50 on the inside right in that spot. Also kind of wish they would have went for a 140mm front intake as well but considering the wide variety of 120mm fans out there it's more of a wish than a complaint.

Going to put this on my watch list for when it releases not only for work, since it will fit a 5970, but for a home system build as well. ^_^
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