Thursday, March 25th 2010

AMD Comfortable with Current GPU Pricing, No Cuts in Sight

A little later this week, NVIDIA will release two of its front-line GPUs that are compliant with the latest industry standards, notably Microsoft DirectX 11. This brings competition to AMD's high-end Radeon HD 5800 series and Radeon HD 5970 graphics cards, or does it? Competition often tends to have a pro-consumer effect out of price-wars. Sources indicate that AMD is not inclined to cut prices of its products after NVIDIA's launch of GeForce GTX 400 series. A few factors we think could prevent a price-war:
  • AMD could have a fair idea about how GeForce GTX 400 series GPUs compete with its GPUs, and given that their estimated performance levels and estimated target prices (estimated US $499 for GTX 480 and $349 for GTX 470), the performance/price equation for AMD's Radeon HD 5800 series GPUs iron out, with HD 5870 at around $400, HD 5850 at around $325, and HD 5830 at $240, barring HD 5970, which is being priced at a premium for its premium performance levels.
  • Although NVIDIA and its partners officially launch their GeForce GTX 400 series products on the 26th of March, market availability, backed by sizable inventories could just take some time, allowing AMD to maintain its prices.
  • AMD is introducing newer variants of its HD 5800 series GPUs, namely HD 5870 Eyefinity6 2GB, and allowing AIB partners to come up with 2 GB models of Radeon HD 5800 series cards.
Sources: Shane Baxtor, Donanim Haber
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82 Comments on AMD Comfortable with Current GPU Pricing, No Cuts in Sight

the legendary 8800GTX does the trick, whose to say that the GTX480 won't be like the 8800GTX(lol)

we will know by the end of today if nvidia can hold up what they did with the 8800GTX/one of their first unified cards,

and the HD5830 is still overpriced.
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Chief Broken Rig
all i can say is sometimes waiting is the dumb thing to do it seems the 5k cards were far cheaper at launch and there higher price is now here to stay for awhile to come
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Screw it. I'm ether going to wait for 6XXX series or until my 4870s die.
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Overclocked quantum bit
Nick89 said:

Screw it. I'm ether going to wait for 6XXX series or until my 4870s die.
Nah, I'll bet ya buy one. Maybe when the prices come down or the "GTX485" comes out? ;)
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~Technological Technocrat~
Nick89 said:

Screw it. I'm ether going to wait for 6XXX series or until my 4870s die.
I think 2 4870's are pretty much more then enough to play whats currently out there (with the exception of crysis for known reasons) wait for the 6xxx cards - Im also waiting & its not because I cant afford new cards. even if i could I just remind myself that these 5xxx series cards are the first generation DX11 & eyefinity cards etc etc so the next gen (6xxx) should be better.

not trying to use it as an excuse to put off upgrading - but Personaly I got 800/1000 on my 4870's & bad company 2 is pretty much maxed out, the ONLY time it takes a real dip in frames is at the end when you win (or lose) the game & they blow a big building up with an airstrike - my fps probably hits 30-40 or something but otherwise while the game is still going - I average about 60-90fps+

gonna try overclocking my cards some more.


the upgrade is not really worth it unless you want to save on your electricity bill - i thought id add.
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trickson said:
Wow Sounds just like a fanboy. What do you mean no direct competition ?
What nvidia no longer makes video cards ? Of course there is direct competition for ATI . nvidia cards have been more than comp they have DOMINATED ATI for a long time . Not to say ATI isn't a great card but come on . There is tons of competition for ATI and nvidia has brought it out MANY times too . I still have the GTX260 and it rocks ! I also had the coveted HD4870 that crapped out the other day and well I think I only used that card 2 times and I found it less than desirable and from that one aspect of the video card heating up and then up and dieing makes me rethink ever buying an ATI card again . BTW this is not the only time ATI have done this to me and well I had the X1900 that was OVER heating and died on me as well . To say that ATI has no competition is just wrong .
I can understand people liking there brand and all I just don't see the reason to say ATI has no comp. They sure do if they want ME back ATI has GOT TO GET THIS HEAT ISSUES FIXED WITH ALL THERE CARDS ! Say what you want to say but this sucked ass the other day when I went to install the HD4807 1gb card and NOTHING HAPPENED NO post no video nothing till I put in the comp card and all was well once again . Now I have ranted long enough . I would love to get my hands on a 5770 or a 5870 just got BURNED once again by ATI and I just can not afford to RISK it any more . So here is the competition , ME ! That is were the competition is , Not with you or the ones that have there stuff but for them that do not . And the real test of performance is not in a benchmark it is in the quality and longevity of ones product . Maybe if they want me back so bad they would GIVE a card to test for the next 2 years ? I do not trust ATI any more sorry but after the other day I am NVIDIA ALL THE WAY . WOW now I sounds like a fan boy . :D
um this person was talking about the 5XXX series making your tirade irrelevant. :banghead:
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OH, I have such a headache
You know what this king of stuff has been going on from day one here . I am happy to see ATI giving us some real muscle I really don't see the need to say any more .
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