Tuesday, March 30th 2010

Sharkoon FireGlider Mouse Now in Black Edition

Still fresh from CeBIT and now on the market: Sharkoon's gaming mouse FireGlider is now available in a Black edition. For gamers who prefer a more unobtrusive design for their playing device, Sharkoon has replaced the flamboyant flame decoration with a soft skin black surface.

The characteristics remain the same: The Sharkoon FireGlider Black Gaming Laser Mouse comes with an ergonomically shaped body, six programmable buttons, and weight regulation options. The gripping surface provides a non-slip soft texture and the ribbed thumb impression ensures a secure hold even in sweaty situations. The engaged ADNS-6010-Sensor operates at a maximum resolution of 3600 DPI, a frame rate of 7080 fps, and can implement accurate accelerations up to 20 G. The sampling installation remains in six stages from 600 to 3600 DPI, and a LED indicates the selected DPI level color. Ultra-quiet Teflon-feet ensure smooth movements even on hard materials.
With the integrated Weight-Tuning-System, gamers are allowed to tune the mouse weight to their individual needs: The removable weight magazine, located in the mouse base, contains seven metal discs, which can regulate the overall weight of the FireGlider from 118 grams to 135 grams.

The Sharkoon FireGlider is equipped with seven buttons including a scroll wheel, six of which can be programmed using the enclosed software, and contains features that simplify gaming as well as everyday functions on the PC. Thanks to the onboard memory, gamers can create individual Micros and have the option to apply their personal configurations to every computer. The Sharkoon FireGlider provides a 1.8 meter long cable that attaches via USB to the PC and supports Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (32 / 64 Bit). Spare feet are contained within shipping.

End customers will find the Sharkoon FireGlider Black Gaming Laser Mouse available immediately for the retail price of 24.29 euros in authorized retailers. Sharkoon Rush FireGlider Black: Laser mouse with six programmable buttons, Weight-Tuning-System and DPI Selector key / MSRP 24.29 Euros.
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5 Comments on Sharkoon FireGlider Mouse Now in Black Edition

it looks suspiciously like the razer deathadder. but then again, many mice follow the same overall shape, so i could just be paranoid.
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~Technological Technocrat~
I still take the cooler master Sentinel advance or a sexy Roccta Kova over this
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a4tech x7

is this a clone of a4tech x7-747h?
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I want 3 buttons on top... Maybe I have to mod my fatal1ty mouse some day and put better pieces inside. Seems that it's the only one of its kind. Can't live without that one extra anymore. My digitus IV feels left alone with other mouses :(
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