Monday, April 19th 2010

Acer Designs Aspire One Netbook With Low-Wattage AMD Processor

Acer is expanding its Aspire One line of netbooks with an interesting new addition that features a yet to be announced AMD processor with an incredibly low TDP by AMD's standards. The Aspire One 521 features an AMD V105 "Geneva" single-core processor with a TDP of 9W, which operates at 1.2 GHz, which is expected to be based on the AMD K10 architecture. The 10.1 inch netbook has DDR3 memory, integrated ATI Radeon HD 4225 graphics, and connectivity which includes Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, and gigabit Ethernet. Its battery can power the machine for 7 hours. More information is expected soon.

Source: Macles
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MN12BIRD said:
The biggest problem is that WE understand clock per clock performance and comparing Atom to K10 is like comparing apples to donkeys. But the average Joe doesn't understand this one bit. So when they see 1.2GHZ they are simply going to dismiss it. I see this happen all the time.

I think AMD should have targeted 1.6GHZ just for public image! But I'm glad to finally see an Intel alternative.
The Average Joe will ask:
- Will it do the Internets?
- Will it do office?
- Will it play videos and music?
- Will it play games?

Clock speed isn't really important for the Average Joe nowadays.
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I beg to differ only because I sell this hardware on a daily basis. I've seen this with netbooks already. Intel doesn't advertise clock speeds right out in front with the Atoms witch of course makes some sense. But when Joe is looking at them they will almost always ask me what the clock speed is. They know clock speed as the only way to judge speed.

I can guarantee you when we get these in stock a few customers are going to ask what the clock speed is and as soon as "1.3" comes out of my mouth they are going to start to doubt it.

Same thing happens with names. Like Sempron. The new AM3 semprons are amazing. They will outgun the single core Athlons they replaced. But when people come in they ask for the "cheap single core AMD CPU" and I say "here it is the 2.7GHZ Single Core" and it's all good until they look at the box and I hear them murmur "Sempron?" and sometimes they give it right back. I'm like "oh boy" if only they knew. They want the older Athlon LE1660's or whatever. I know the Sempron is better and it doesn't have anything in common with Semprons of the past. But as soon as they see "Sempron" it's all over.
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Moral of the story: People are retarded and must be told what to do at all times.


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ill take an atom... it does everything u need a netbook to do, with better battery life.
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How do you know the battery life is better? They aren't even out yet.
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