Friday, April 23rd 2010

Aqua Computer Intros AquagraFX GeForce GTX 480 Water-Block

Germany-based Aqua Computer is ready with its water-block for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 graphics accelerator, the AquagraFX GTX480. The block is full-coverage and monolithic in design, and cools all vital heat-producing parts of the card. Its main unit is cut from a block of copper. The block weighs 850 g (1.87 lbs). It has a stainless steel top with laser-etched lettering on it. Aqua Computer used distance pieces for all threads. They are pre-assembled so users won't have to fumble around with them. All surfaces which have contact to the GPU/RAM/VRM are high gloss polished (mirror-finish). The block also comes with a small backplate that cools voltage regulators on the reverse-side of the PCB. The company will start shipping these from next week, at a price of 89.90 EUR or around US $101 excl. VAT.
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12 Comments on Aqua Computer Intros AquagraFX GeForce GTX 480 Water-Block

kewlio, would be neat if the back plate was part of the loop also
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Great looking block at a decent price.
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Just about to say the same thing - it's awesome looking! ;)
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These blocks are nice; Cool cuz you can take the back and have your logo engraved. At least I have in the past.
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in before, "the gtx480 should have came stock with these"

also any temps on these yet?
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I would say if you can shell out the cash for a 480, then you should definitely be getting something like this to properly cool it.
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Wile E
Power User
That is a hell of a nice block. Nice fin setup where the gpu is. Bet it works really well.
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Instant Thunder
These full coverage blocks always look's just too bad that they're always facing down in most cases (bad pun)...That little backplate looks pretty nice. It would also be nice if that backplate was over the whole backside of the pcb.
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Maybe interesting: Installation Video on YouTube

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Bird of Prey
Very nice and covers the ram itself.
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Cools the vregs on the backside, not even done with the stock cooler. I've never considered water not because of the money, but well, because it's freakin water inside my computer. Seeing this thing though, damn..
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A looker indeed. AquagraFX really was good at sleek looking blocks.
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