Thursday, April 29th 2010

EVERCOOL Launches Set of New Notebook Coolers

EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd., one of the famous and professional cooler and fan brands in Taiwan. To design the creative cooling products to make users comfortably use computers or notebooks is the mission for each EVERCOOL developmental team member. Two NB coolers are launched- FIT and Zodiac II recently, they have been noticed by their individual appearances.

FIT is the NB cooler to draw out the heat from laptop that is quite different from the general NB cooling pad on the current market; in addition, it not only gets patent certification in several countries, such as Taiwan and China, but also gains the 18th “Taiwan Excellence 2010” award. FIT is put outside the wind outlet of notebook to draw out the inside heat and lower the temperature and keep the stable operation for NB. Moreover, its adjustable angles can meet different heights of wind outlet for different brand notebook, and its great compatibility is from 9”~18” laptops. Small and light are its most unique points so that FIT is extremely easy to carry.
The picture of twelve star signs surrounding the Sun as the vision design for Zodiac II appears adequately the image of stars running around the Sun, and Sun radiated design and punched holes show the wind draft and increase the air convection. Two colors versions: black and white means Dark Night and Starlight version. 12 LED are designed into Starlight version to express star signs impression that is an outstanding sense of sight. The 12CM big fan with 800 RPM causes strong wind to take away the heat noiselessly that completely conforms user’s needs. In addition, the thickness of Aluminum is for 2.5mm that makes Zodiac II steadily put on the flat surface or laptop, and increases cooling efficiency greatly as well. The ergonomic height and design also takes comfortable for users while they use notebook.

No matter small FIT or romantic Zodiac II, they overthrow the impression of general NB cooling pad, provide noiseless cooling, and create the worth more than cost; they are absolutely the good choices of notebook cooling pad for users.
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9 Comments on EVERCOOL Launches Set of New Notebook Coolers

?I'm very curious about the FIT's performance anyone seen any good reviews on it?
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FIT looks interesting - i had a friends fan die in his laptop, and this could make it usable again.
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It sure is fun to read these translated articles sometimes...
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Haha, yeah the Engrish is strong in this one!
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I am very interested in the FIT. Hope it gets to Portuguese shores! It seems the ideal solution for most of today's laptops. Small and efficient (well, that last one is yet to be proved).

Not very exited with the Zodiac, tough. I use a similar NB cooler, a NOX Boreas, and if it has done anything significantly was to raise the screen closer to my eye level, other than that, it has not made much of a big difference. With two 70mm fans that are a little noisy and completely made of aluminum, has only managed to drop my laptop temperature by 2ºC. And that was only the CPU and GPU. When it really heats up, there's no difference. Same must be with the Zodiac. I doubt that 12mm fan will be able to cool anything too significant.
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That FIT looks good, would like to try getting that one.
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Bird of Prey
I love that FIT and that would be awesome for my wifes laptop. I also like their standard cooler as well and maybe will get both.
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I want that FIT since my notebook's fans run so bloody slow...
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