Thursday, June 3rd 2010

GeIL Readies Evo Two Series DDR3 Memory

GeIL is readying a wide range of dual, triple, quad, and hexa-channel (6 piece) DDR3 memory kits that consist of the new Evo Two series DDR3 modules. Evotwo uses a redesigned heatsink that draws and dissipates heat from the heatspreader. The company claims that a technology designed by it called Maximum Thermal Conduction and Dissipation (MTCD) helps, apart from GeIL's much marketed DBT technology that seasons DIMM modules through harsh conditions.

Module densities include 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB; to give 2, 4, 8 GB dual-channel, 3, 6, 12 GB triple-channel, and 12, 24 GB hexa-channel. Speeds range from PC3-8500 (1066 MHz) with timings of 6-6-6-15T, thru PC3-10660 (1333 MHz), PC3-12800 (1600 MHz), PC3-14400 (1800 MHz), PC3-16000 (2000 MHz), PC3-17600 (2133 MHz), PC3-19200 (2400 MHz), and PC3-20000+ (2500+ MHz).
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Bird of Prey
Nice, looks better than the wire centers they used to have. Loving Geils memory. I may either go with them or Corsair (never used either to be honest) on my next upgrade.
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