Wednesday, June 23rd 2010

Mushkin Enhanced Announces Callisto Deluxe Series SSDs

Mushkin Enhanced, a global leader in high-performance computer products, announced today the release of a new solid state drive series, Callisto deluxe. The Callisto deluxe Series offers new improvements that increase the drives’ IOPS (input/output operations per second) to up to 50,000.

“The Callisto deluxe SSD Series is Mushkin Enhanced’s finest hour in a long tradition of high-performance, high-reliability flash storage products. Gamers, enthusiasts and even casual users will appreciate the considerable performance advantage this iteration of SSDs offers.” – Brian Flood, Mushkin Enhanced director of product development. Boasting read speeds of up to 285MB/s and write speeds of up to an impressive 275MB/s, the Callisto deluxe Series is equipped with the industry-acclaimed Sandforce SF-1200 controller.
The Callisto deluxe Solid State Drive is available immediately online at the Mushkin Enhanced website as well as our other online partners, and is backed by a 3-year warranty and an industry-leading support staff.

Part Numbers:
    MKNSSDCL60GB-DX – 60GB Callisto deluxe SSD
    MKNSSDCL120GB-DX – 120GB Callisto deluxe SSD
    MKNSSDCL240GB-DX – 240GB Callisto deluxe SSD
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5 Comments on Mushkin Enhanced Announces Callisto Deluxe Series SSDs

Since they won't put the pricing on their press release, I'll help:

"Priced at a kidney and an eyeball, the Callisto Deluxe series of SSDs is targeting the new bodyparts-for-hardware enthusiast user class."


On a serious note, the pricing on their site is:
60GB - MKNSSDCL60GB-DX - List Price: $251.26, Web Price: $218.49
120GB - MKNSSDCL120GB-DX - List Price: $425.49, Web Price: $369.99
240GB - MKNSSDCL240GB-DX - List Price: $766.46, Web Price: $666.49
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not TOOO bad of a price considering the speed,

285mbps and 50 000 OPS, thats fast :D
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Prices aren't too outrageous. SSD technology is still in its consumer infancy. A few years the price will be down to sub $1/GB and even the poor whiners will rejoice.

I only own a single ssd drive right now, but when I put a new system together, it is going to be solid state only, with an external HDD based storage unit for data storage.

Once you try a system with an SSD, it's hard to go back to the old and slow spindle.

For those who complain about the prices : either budget and save to get one now, or wait until they become mainstream and affordable. No need to whine in every single SSD news section about the prices.
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Bird of Prey
WD Silicon Edge Blue has decent reads and writes and a 64GB version is on for like 129.99. Considering the controller used on these and the speed bumps, prices arent bad either. Still too high per gigabyte but prices have indeed come down.
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