Saturday, May 27th 2006

NVIDIA Quadro vs. ATI FireGL

I have not seen a roundup/review like this in quite some time. X-bit labs is putting the ATI FireGL series against the NVIDIA QUADRO series of professional graphics accelerators. X-bit labs has provided a relatively in depth 18 page review of these professional graphics accelerators. If your interested in keeping up with all aspects of present day hardware this is a great read. It also outlines the fine line between Gaming and Professional Design workloads.Source: X-bit Labs
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They really couldn't have tested ArchiCAD, eh?
Any recommendations, as to which card would be the best for archi's 3d modelling?
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I used to do a lot of CAD work AUTOCAD, Solid works and I honestly just used mainstream gaming cards if you do decided to get a mainstream card I'd recommend something with 512mb onboard ram. But I do not do this stuff professionally just for fun. If you are doing this professionally and want something high end I'd definitely go with Quadro or FireGL, it all depends on your budget.
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wonder why they didn't include 3dLabs.... :/

i am a CAD draftsman, and mainstream cards just don't cut it with autocad/architectural desktop 05/06

but, i'm finally glad to see a good review of firegl and quadro...but again, wish they would have included 3dLabs offerings....but as far as the review goes, the quadrofx 3500 does come out looking shiny :D
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