Wednesday, June 30th 2010

Thecus Technology Launches D0204 Portable USB 3.0 Storage Device

The age of USB 3.0 is almost here. Today, storage leader Thecus Technology is proud to announce its first portable storage device featuring the new USB 3.0 standard – the D0204. With massive storage capacity in a tiny package no larger than a paperback book, the D0204 delivers impressive data security and performance with an integrated USB 3.0 port, making it the most powerful and versatile portable DAS on the market.

The D0204 is a small and compact direct attached storage (DAS) device. Wrapped in a housing measuring a mere 86mm x 55.3mm x 132mm, the D0204 may appear to be a mere portable hard disk at first glance, but peering inside this tiny form factor reveals a powerful storage unit.
Headlining is its integrated USB 3.0 port at the back of the unit, which grants the D0204 data transfer speeds of up to 5Gb/s – ten times the speed of USB 2.0. With USB 3.0 built-in, users can transfer files to and from the device at unprecedented speeds with a USB 3.0-enabled computer. Of course, the D0204 is fully backward-compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 standards, which means you can use it with virtually any USB-equipped device.

Users can install up to two SATA hard disks using the D0204’s two 2.5” SATA bays, which means a total storage capacity of up to 2 terabytes! The D0204 even accepts the latest solid state drives (SSDs), offering users impressive data performance with no moving parts that could break or malfunction. Users can even swap hard disks while the device is running thanks to the D0204’s hot-swappable drive bays.

Of course, the Thecus D0204 is a complete storage solution that’s also easy to use. To manage all of this storage, users can choose between RAID 0, 1, and Large to further enhance data security or performance. All of the D0204’s features can be administrated through its intuitive Windows Utility. With this utility, D0204 users can both set up and manage their D0204, making this powerful storage device also one of the friendliest around.

“With full USB 3.0 compatibility, the new D0204 brings incredible performance and data protection to a remarkably tiny and easy-to-use device,” said Florence Shih, Thecus Technology General Manager. “Offering impressive storage capacity in a small size, the D0204 is the ideal storage device for the user on the go.”
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~Technological Technocrat~
The age of USB 3.0 is almost here. Today, storage leader Thecus Technology is proud to announce its first portable storage device
Storage leader???? Ive never heard of them. Western Digital n Maxtor musta ganked them n started flushing their heads down the toilet when the public was looking the other direction.
no larger than a paperback book
no larger then a paperback book but heavy enough to be a paperweight. wheres a thumbs up smiley when you need one?
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Xtreme Refugee
FreedomEclipse said:
Storage leader????
yea i know, i dont really read the news posts anymore, just kinda glance at specs and pictures, according to tpu news post every tech company out there is a leader in the field :rolleyes:
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WD dont do enterprise NAS enclosures... for enclosures (with 3rd party drives inside) Thecus is a leader for sure.... very pricy, but quality enslosures for raid bays, NAS and external storage
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anyone familiar with NAS products would know of Thecus. Likewise of QNap, Buffalo, Synology..
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this isnt even a NAS, apart from the RAID feature, how is this any different to any other 3.0 enclosure?
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Don't think anyone is saying this is a the news item says it's a DAS. It's like if WD made a NAS, they're still viewed as a drive manufacturer. It's nice tho to see more usb3.0 devices coming out whovever it happens to be from.
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