Tuesday, July 13th 2010

SilverStone Intros Nitrogon NT07-1156 CPU Cooler

SilverStone is ready with a Nitrogon NT07 series CPU cooler compatible with the LGA1156 socket. Like the NT07-775 (made for LGA775), the NT07-1156 from SilverStone is a low-profile CPU cooler that is positioned to be a Intel reference HSF replacement. It bears resemblance with the Intel HSF, using essentially the same design, with its own additions of a base made entirely of copper, and manual speed control. The base conveys heat to a heatsink with spirally-projecting, forked, aluminum fins. A 90 mm fan circulates air, it measures 90mm (W) x 90mm (H) x 16mm (D), with two speed modes selectable by a tiny switch on the fan-frame: 1200~3000rpm ± 10% and 1200~1800rpm ± 10%; pushing 12~40 CFM / 12~23 CFM on the two modes, respectively.

The cooler measures 93mm (W) x 36.5mm (H) x 93mm (D), weighing 310 g. With LGA1156 push-pins, the cooler is easy to install and remove. It supports CPUs with TDP of up to 95W, which means that it should be able to run dual-core Core i3, Core i5 processors with mild overclocking, or quad-core Core i5, Core i7 within default speeds. The cooler will reach stores soon, it will be moderately priced around US $20.
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Wow watch out thermalright, they're going to beat your cooler now for sure :p
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