Thursday, July 22nd 2010

Antec Slips in KÜHLER Flow CPU Cooler

Antec has started selling the KÜHLER Flow CPU cooler, a variant of the recently released KÜHLER Shelf. Measuring 122 (H) x 157 (W) x 108 (D) mm, it weighs 700 g, and uses a aluminum fin tower design with a slight change: that it's not right over the CPU base. This way, the 120 mm fan does not protrude into the memory slot area of the motherboard. Heat is conveyed to the aluminum fins by 7 copper heat pipes. The cooler supports all current CPU sockets, including LGA1366, LGA1156, AM3, and LGA775. The Australian etailer that listed the cooler priced it at AU $74 (US $65).
Source: TechConnect Magazine
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11 Comments on Antec Slips in KÜHLER Flow CPU Cooler

I like the design where the H/S doesn't get in the way of the memory slots, though the heatsink itself looks tiny, wonder how effective that little block of aliminium fins is?
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(FIH) The Don
might not hit the memory, but if there is some high chipset cooling on the mb then i think it will be a problem
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Bird of Prey
I was thinking of the same thing ND. With 7 heatpipes though, maybe those fins can move a good amount of heat.
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TPU addict
Yeah they look real nice and thin like the MUSASHI which work real well and you just need enough airflow to cool removing the air though them.
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My name is Dave
Stacked heatpipes = FAIL.
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Naming scheme reminds me of IKEA products. Interesting cooler nonetheless.
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Does Antec know how to engineer cpu coolers? Do they have any experience, or are they just buying the designs from companies like Dynatron or Cooler Master?
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i might replace my old cooler now.. :rolleyes:
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~Technological Technocrat~
I was about to say maybe this is for those people who want a cheap replacement for their stock cooler but after doing the currency conversion $65=£42 even an Akasa Nero S or Titan Fenrir is cheaper & they both look like they'd cool a lot better then this 'Kuhler' (naming fail - its a KOOL retarded way to spell COOLER)
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The Exiled Airman
I say either Motherboards need to space the Ram away from the CPU or the coolers need to be offset so they are not blocked, otherwise what is the point of having 4 Ram Slots if you cant occupy them???
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