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ATI Radeon HD 6000 Series ''Southern Islands'' Graphics Cards For Sale from November

Come this Winter, and things will heat up once again in the graphics card industry, with GPU vendors battling it out for the crucial Holidays shopping season. While AMD did not introduce any new GPUs after completing its ATI Radeon HD 5000 series launch itinerary, it did manage to grab significant amount of sales from its graphics rival NVIDIA. For this Winter, AMD and its partners will be in a position to launch the ATI Radeon HD 6000 series graphics processors, according to DigiTimes, citing sources from graphics card vendors.

It is also said that the Radeon HD 6000 series, codenamed "Southern Islands" (members of which are codenamed after islands in the Mediterranean Sea), will be built on TSMC's 40 nm manufacturing process. AMD had originally planned to build Southern Islands on TSMC's 32 nm process, but with the foundry skipping 32 nm bulk for 28 nm which will start operations only by the end of the year, AMD redrew its plans and stuck to the now-mature (stable) 40 nm process. Perhaps AMD learned a thing or two from a wide range of teething problems that plagued the 40 nm production line.
Source: DigiTimes
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137 Comments on ATI Radeon HD 6000 Series ''Southern Islands'' Graphics Cards For Sale from November

Great. I'm guessing it will be the 6700/6800 series that come out first?
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This is excellent.

I hope ATI will get to keep as much market share as possible.

The ATI/AMD merger was a great success and I would like to see them rewarded for their business practices.

I wonder if ATI will claim the single fastest GPU title a second time this year.
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Great, I would love to see a 15% increase in speed from the 5000 series and maybe 5 to 10 degrees cooler. Man the heat is on NVidia now to produce. And hopefully they will not go crazy on the price.
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This is good news, as by the time these come out, I'll be ready to buy a new video card.
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very cool, but i was hoping for 32or28nm that way when i get my 7850 it would have been the second year and the problems would hopefully be gone so i may have to wait for the 8850. but i can always wait:rolleyes:
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Will the 6000 series be a new design or an update to the 5000 series?
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Good, this should make prices drop for HD5xxx series.

If only Sandy Bridge comes up on November too...
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Right, im saving my 5770 till then, then.

6870 + EK block? YES PLEASE
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Bet the top card can't touch my 480 @ 850 core. :nutkick:
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Cold Storm
Can't wait to see how it all stacks up. Fun when "new stuff" comes out.
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I knew hanging on to my 4850's for a bit was a good idea.
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well this is good news i think ill wait a tad till i get a 5770 and hopefuly prices will come down
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No good

As much as I am an AMD fanboy and excited to see these cards, this doesn't bode well for us the consumer. AMD has been doing too well against nVidia and if they get yet another generation-worth of victory over the competition, we are going to start seeing products that are more expensive and not as good. What with Apple switiching to AMD, and the Wii already solidly there, the only high-profile nVidia partner remaining is the PS3. Competition is awesome and nVidia has not been competing very well.

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ron732Will the 6000 series be a new design or an update to the 5000 series?
It's a hybrid between Northern Islands (which will be the 7000 series, a brand new architecture) and the current Evegreeen.
crow1001Bet the top card can't touch my 480 @ 850 core. :nutkick:
ATI's top card already mauls your 480 :rolleyes:
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Great !

I think AMD is planning to launch Entry & Mainstream Cards on 40nm by November and maybe they will launch High End Cards by 1 Half of 2011 on 28nm !
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So will the Tessellation performance be significantly improved? I know not many games use it, but I like benchmarks and the Unigine 2.0 is laughing at me with my minimum and average fps.

Right now I'm thinking it may be a little better, but the 7000 will be the one to get a more focused look at it's tessellation performance.

Oh well, even if it's not I'll probably be upgrading.
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32nm vs 28nm

I'm surprised that TSMC even started a 32nm program... fabs tend to cut the process in half every time; 28nm is half of 40nm.
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IceCreamBarrI'm surprised that TSMC even started a 32nm program... fabs tend to cut the process in half every time; 28nm is half of 40nm.
65nm --> 55nm --> 40nm. In recent history that isn't the case. With things getting really small now, it makes sense.
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Great, now maybe ATI will put more money into developing their drivers.
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Haters gonna hate.

Nfags can leave this thread, I hope Nvidia doesn't drop their prices and you continue to get assraped by them.

Other than that guess I will need to find a home for my 5870 soon.......
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Vanguard Beta Tester
Sigh... I just bought a 5870 a month ago...Always the way...
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Just when nVidia were celebrating the success of GF104 ... ATi decides to come out with this ... :ohwell:
Now people thinking of upgrading to a 460 might hold on to their money a bit longer to see what these can offer ...

nice ploy ATi ... :pimp:
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^the gtx 460 release, was a game changer for me. 2 gtx460s are kicking ass.
i was almost settled on 5850. the 5850 price needs to go down if i even think about buying it.
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Crazy 4 TPU!!!
Meh, my 2x 470's will probably already beat whatever they bring out.

I hope the 6 series is good though.:)

Heres the deal, if one of these can beat or come close my 470 SLI setup or if even two can beat my 470 SLI setup, im gonna buy one.(and i slap my word on that statement):)
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I was thinking of getting a GTX 460, but I guess I'll wait a couple more months and get something better. 6850 sounds nice :respect:
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