Thursday, August 26th 2010

Team Launches the 32 GB Smart Class2 microSDHC Card

The unlimited games and applications for Smartphone mobiles and Tablet PC have escalated the demand for high-capacity memory cards. To meet the market demand, Team officially launches the ultrahigh capacity 32GB Class2 microSDHC memory cards for consumers to have more fun with their Smartphone and ease all worries about storage for photography and filming.

In addition to ultrahigh capacity, the Team 32GB Class2 microSDHC integrates the latest and the most reliable technologies. Apart from the standard hardware write protection switch, it is equipped with the error checking and correcting (ECC) function to ensure data storage without error. The extra life of the genuine chips supports the frequent storage of a large amount of data.
Along with the programmable firmware, the Team 32GB Class2 microSDHC is upgradable like mobiles, making it the best choice and perfect companion for mobile phone users. Team Group Inc. is a leading manufacturer of memory storage products, and provides the ultimate solution to satisfy consumer need for storing and sharing media and data. Team Group offers a lifetime warranty and repair/replacement service on all memory cards.
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3 Comments on Team Launches the 32 GB Smart Class2 microSDHC Card

Yay... more slow microSDHC cards!
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wow class 2 was the best they could start with?! What crap, until I see at least class 6 it ain't worth it.
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a minim class 6 is need for video recording in 720p format...
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