Monday, August 30th 2010

Asetek Demos Water Cooling Solution Tailor-Made for Apple Mac Pro

Cooling specialist Asetek, which specializes in OEM water cooling solutions, has come up with a new CPU water cooling solution for the Apple Mac Pro workstation, which claims to bring down temperatures and noise of the stock heatsink-fan assembly. The cooler design is straightforward: two CPU waterblocks that have built-in pumps sit serial across a coolant loop that connects to a reservoir and radiator. The tubing is pre-fitted. In a video demonstration, Asetek showed how the cooling solution facilitates improved overall system performance and reduced noise overall of a 3.06 GHz Mac Pro compared to a 3.20 GHz model. Perhaps Asetek is pitching this new solution to Apple.
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26 Comments on Asetek Demos Water Cooling Solution Tailor-Made for Apple Mac Pro

~Technological Technocrat~
good to see Asetek are still there - I bought one of their tripple radkits before they pulled out of the public/enthusiast market to focus on OEM based contracts...Pitty really. on their website they claimed to be one of the first companies to have a pump built into a reservoir or something like that but they decided to leave the market when some other company came up with the exact same design & flogged it as their own product similar to the way DHT coolers look so much the same these days.
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