Thursday, September 16th 2010

Microsoft Rolled Out First Public Beta of Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft released the first public beta of its sceptically-anticipated web-browser, the Windows Internet Explorer 9 (or IE9). Sceptical, because the previous two versions did not really shine compared to other web-browsers in performance, and anticipated, because it promised revolutionary changes in the rendering engine and the way it works. IE9 is one of the first browsers that uses GPU (graphics processors) for rendering almost every page element, including text and layout. It features a new Javascript engine codenamed "Chakra" that has higher JS performance, and supports HTML5 web standards. The UI itself looks very lean and modelled along the lines of Google Chrome, with just the bare-essential controls, and menus. The address bar doubles up as a search bar. There are loads of functionality improvements, including detachable tabs, Windows Aero Snap tabs, and the ability to pin favourite websites to the Windows 7 taskbar. A performance manager monitors plugins and advices you to disable those which are slowing down the browser.

DOWNLOAD: Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 9 beta

Please note, the software works only on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
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Im using the 64 bit version, it works pretty well and theres even a 64 bit flash ready. One or two sites dont work but most do.

Could it be nearly time to use a 64 bit browser?
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Frick said:
I don't really see how this is an issue. You don't care that your clock is wrong? It takes 10 seconds to fix the date in windows.
Actually it takes like 10 minutes to reassemble the computer, 5 minutes to find all the right parts that were in it, and about a minute to go into the BIOS and set the clock and about another 5 dismantling it again.

Yes I know it was my fault for not setting the clock. I reset the CMOS on that motherboard (because I use it for just overclocking CPUs) so many times it's not funny. I forget to set the clock at times.
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