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OCZ Technology Group Reports Fiscal 2011 Third Quarter Results

OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) and memory modules for computing devices and systems, reports its third quarter 2011 results (Q3'11), which ended on November 30, 2010.

Net revenues in Q3'11 were a record $53.2 million, and increased 40% both on a year-over-year and sequential basis, from $38.0 million reported in Q3'10 and in Q2'11.

SSD revenues reached a record $41.5 million in Q3'11, an increase of 325% over Q3'10 SSD revenues of $9.8 million, and a 105% increase sequentially over Q2'11 SSD Revenues of $20.2 million.

In August 2010, the Company announced a strategic optimization of its memory products whereby it discontinued certain unprofitable commodity memory module products with the intent to continue only with certain high-performance memory products. However, since that time, there has been well-chronicled, continued weakness in the global DRAM markets.

Having balanced this DRAM market weakness against the capital needs of the Company's growing SSD products, the board has determined that it is in the best interests of the stockholders to accelerate plans to discontinue its remaining DRAM module products by the end of its current fiscal year of February 28, 2011.Accordingly, our DRAM products are now expected to have minimal, if any, sales in the next fiscal year and beyond.

Reporting on a GAAP basis, which includes certain items related to the accelerated discontinuation of the Company's DRAM products, the acquisition of certain intellectual property, changes in warrant derivative valuation, and other non cash charges, GAAP net loss for Q3'11 was $8.3 million, or $0.29 loss per diluted share. This compares to GAAP net loss of $1.0 million, or $0.05 loss per share in Q3'10.

Non-GAAP net loss for Q3'11 was $0.9 million, or $0.03 loss per diluted share, as compared to non-GAAP net loss for Q3'10 of $1.6 million, or $0.07 loss per share. A reconciliation between GAAP and non-GAAP information is contained in the tables below.

Financial Highlights
  • SSD revenue increased 325% year-over-year, to $41.5 million in Q3'11, representing 78% of net revenue
  • Positive non-GAAP operating income of $0.1 million in Q3'11 compared to a non-GAAP operating loss of$1.0 million in Q3'10
  • Positive non-GAAP Adjusted EBITDA of $0.4 million in Q3'11
  • Non-GAAP gross margin increasedto 19.4% in Q3'11
  • Accelerated the discontinuation of remaining DRAM module products
  • Company raised $22 million in a private placement to several institutional stockholders priced at a premium to the then-market price
Recent Business Highlights:
  • Recently began shipping Deneva Series Enterprise SSDs in mass production quantities to a new Tier 1 OEM client
  • OEM SSD business continued to ramp, with numerous new client wins such as BOLData and Falcon Northwest Computer Systems, while several current clients ramped shipments of SSDs
  • Recently began shipping High Speed Data Link (HSDL) enabled IBIS SSD drives in mass production quantities to select clients
  • Launched the 2nd generation REVO X2PCIe based SSD with up to 150k random write IOPS , in capacities up to 960GBs , and deployed with key high performance workstation OEMs
  • Acquired certain Fibre Channel interface and DRAM based SSD controller technology from Solid Data Inc, in order to facilitate the company's move into Fibre Channel and low latency enterprise SSD Segments
  • Began mass production of 2xNm based SSD for low cost applications and started sampling 2xNm based high durability SSDs forEnterprise Server and Storage applications
  • Opened new SSD manufacturing facility in Taiwan, nearly quadrupling our manufacturing capacity with the addition of two new SMT lines, the first in October and the second which has just come on-line
Business Overview:
"Revenue generated from our Solid State Drive products for the third fiscal quarter more than doubled on a sequential basis," said Ryan Petersen, Chief Executive Officer of OCZ Technology. "SSD revenue accounted for 78% of our revenue and just by itself exceeds our historical quarterly revenue totals across all categories, thus reinforcing our decision to discontinue our remaining DRAM products."

Mr. Petersen concluded, "We have focused on building the OEM and enterprise segments of our business, and last month we announced a mass production order from a Tier 1 OEM for our enterprise class SSDs, reflecting the reliability, speed and total cost of ownership solid state drives provide over traditional mechanical hard drives. We believe the market opportunity for SSDs is significant, and to that end, we will continue to invest in research and development to extend our leadership position. We also plan to increase our sales and marketing efforts in order to facilitate continued revenue growth and increased market share as SSDs gain adoption in all segments."

Revenue Information:
To help investors better understand OCZ's historical revenue trends and its rapid product transition from high performance memory into SSDs, a revenue chart is shown below for the last 9 quarters:

For fiscal year 2011, ending February 28, 2011, OCZ's revenue guidancewas in the range of$170million to $190million. Notwithstanding the discontinuance of the Company's historically significantDRAM module products, OCZ still guides to the middle of the previously provided range due to the continuing growth in the Company's SSD products.
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9 Comments on OCZ Technology Group Reports Fiscal 2011 Third Quarter Results

Editor & Senior Moderator
In short: OCZ is leaving DRAM (memory) business, it's feeling better off selling SSDs.
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btarunr said:
In short: OCZ is leaving DRAM (memory) business, it's feeling better off selling SSDs.
I think that's a good idea, their memory didn't exactly have the best reputation anyway. :ohwell: At least they'll focus on making better SSDs.
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That's pretty nuts. You'd think ssds would be cheaper if they're selling this amazingly well.
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LAN_deRf_HA said:
That's pretty nuts. You'd think ssds would be cheaper if they're selling this amazingly well.
They're most likely selling a ton of their PCI-E SSDs to corporations, hence the high margin. I expect we'll see cheaper prices since they're now going to shift focus to one market segment instead of two.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
They doubled SSD revenues in a quarter, and halfed memory? How is that possible? Or am I seeing things? :ohwell:
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this sucks. my ocz memory has been rock solid. running tighter timings than ii should be at 1066
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First and Last OCZ product i owned was DD2 reaper, it didn't even run at rated speeds, also didn't get my rebate which up to this date i hear is a common practice. OCZ has a bad rep won't ever buy from them not even if they sell SSD's for 10 bucks!
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I run 1 gb or 2 gb of ddr2 800 OCZ platinum I think, never had problems, It overclocked well.
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