Friday, January 21st 2011

Sapphire Readies New Custom-Design HD 6970 2 GB Graphics Card

Sapphire is readying a new custom-design Radeon HD 6970 2 GB graphics card. The card uses a PCB that closely resembles the AMD reference-design PCB, but comes in blue color. It also uses a custom designed cooler that uses a traditional blower channeling air through a dense aluminum fin canal block. The most peculiar feature is a round rotary knob, which lets you switch between the two BIOS ROM chips on board, thereby letting you maintain two hardware-stored clock and fan profiles. This knob appears to be coin-turned. The Radeon HD 6970 packs 1536 VLIW4 stream processors, and connects to 2 GB of memory over a high-speed GDDR5 memory interface.
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Wile E
Power User
[H]@RD5TUFF said:
it's the hardware I dislike, as you pay 3 times as much for half the horsepower
Wrong. iMac, Mac Mini and MacPro bae models are all priced properly for their hardware.

You cannot compare build-it-yourself to an OEM computer. Not the same market.

Show me an all-in-one with the same power as iMac with an IPS screen, at the same price.

Show me a mini system with the same size and performance as a Mini for the price.

Show me a dual CPU workstation with the same features and performance as a base model MacPro at the same price from another OEM.

They do have overpriced stuff, but not all of it is. A little research will show you that. What is it with this forum, and blind Apple hate? It just as bad as blindly devoted Apple fanboys. At least do some research and have a reason to hate them, not spout 10 year old misconceptions.
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[H]@RD5TUFF said:
Source ?

Given I have gotten a card with the wrong BIOS on it, I payed for a 9600xt, but it came flashed as a 9600.

Saphire = over priced junk.

Wow my that sucks.:wtf:
My Sapphire 9500 and x1600 are both still working.
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Rebelstar said:
Only for me design reminds nvidia cards?
You mean like this one?

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Wile E said:
It's my bedroom computer. I use it all the time. She does use it more often tho. It's nicer for managing multiple programs and windows for me. I wish Windows had Expose.
Sounds like you need to master all the keyboard shortcuts windows has but doesn't tell anyone about.

Increases productivity and window management by up to 5000%!!!

All the windows key + (insert key here) keyboard short cuts is what I'm talking about.

I usually don't close things and just leave stuff running and can swap between things fairly rapidly. ( cept FF tabs, to many of them lol)
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Wile E
Power User
I know them all. I have a high speed mouse. Mouse gestures work better for me.
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