Sunday, February 27th 2011

Zalman Announces Trio of USB 3.0 HDD Enclosures

Zalman is pleased to introduce its brand new USB3.0 External H.D.D. enclosure series. New ZM-HE250 U3, ZM-HE350 U3 and ZM-HE350 U3E will make even largest files transfer possible with Ultra fast speed of 5Gbps. As long as Motherboard supports USB3.0, then you can enjoy the cutting edge USB3.0 Speed with these new External H.D.D. Enclosures. In addition, elegant design looks would differentiate them from existing products in the market. Apart from these new models, we will also release ZM-PC302 U3 PCI-e card to sever many users without USB3.0 port on their system. Regardless of any system you have, once it has PCI-e 1X slot, you just install our ZM-PC302 U3 on to your system to boost up your file transfer rate with ZM-HE250 U3/ HE350 U3/ HE350 U3E.
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5 Comments on Zalman Announces Trio of USB 3.0 HDD Enclosures

Haha i thought that the large ones are PC cases :) Would look damn nice if they were.
I like the 2,5 inch enclosure. Looks really nice.
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Damn those are sexy. Woudlnt mind getting that for an external HDD enclosure.
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I don't understand the 4-pin molex connector on the pci-e x1 card... The picture says it can give .9 amps per port which at 5V is only 9 watts max draw (10 watts just to round up plus maybe a few more for components on the card itself).
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once it has PCI-e 1X slot,
What kind of motherboard suddenly has an extra PCI-e slot?
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Many, many of them do. Mine's a budget board and has 2 extra x1 slots.

I never liked the idea of buying an expansion card with only 2 ports on it though. Why not put 4 or 5? I know there won't be enough bandwidth for 5 ports to be maxed out, but that's an uncommon scenario. If you cared about the rates, then just only use 2 of the ports.
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