Monday, February 28th 2011

Gigabyte Readies Aivia M8600 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Gigabyte is releasing a new wireless gaming mouse, part of its Aivia series of gaming peripherals. The Aivia M8600 from Gigabyte lets you game on for 100 hours on full battery, and lets you hotswap it in as low as 2 seconds, thanks to its quick swap battery changing system. The M8600 sports an ambidextrous design with 7 buttons, a two-axis scroll-wheel, high-precision laser-based optical tracking (resolution not known), 32 KB of memory for storing button macro maps, and a dock for charging the battery. Gigabyte will unveil the Aivia M8600 and all other technical details at the upcoming CeBIT event, a little later this week.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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4 Comments on Gigabyte Readies Aivia M8600 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Should be called Crysis nanomousetech
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Is there such a thing as a wireless gaming mouse? I've never had any success finding one as responsive as wired... I do like find it funny that they point out the "2 second battery swap" feature. I think "Quick Swap" would sound a little more legitimate from a marketing perspective. :laugh:
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Bird of Prey
Looks really good. I like the ambi design of it. I also concur that 2 second swap sounds kind of crappy, quick swap is better.
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