Friday, March 25th 2011

EVGA Storms Forth GTX 590 Launch with Four Classified Series Products

One of NVIDIA's principal partners, EVGA, released no less than four special edition SKUs for the GeForce GTX 590 graphics card. The SKUs bear EVGA's coveted "Classified" brand extender, which is used on only the most high-end products by the company. First, there's the EVGA GTX 590 Classified Hydro Copper Quad SLI (03G-P3-1599-A2), which is two GeForce GTX 590 graphics cards prepped for water-cooling with HydroCopper water-blocks, packed into one box; next there's the EVGA GeForce GTX 590 Classified Quad SLI (03G-P3-1598-A2), that's two reference design cards in one box; then there are single-card water-cooled (03G-P3-1599-AR) and single-card reference design (03G-P3-1598-AR) packages.

The dual-card (QuadSLI) packages include some EVGA memorabilia, a black t-shirt and a large mousepad. All four SKUs pack cards with the same clock speed profile: 630 MHz core, 1260 MHz CUDA cores, and 864 MHz (3456 MHz effective) memory. The HydroCopper cards feature full-coverage water-blocks. As for pricing, the water-cooled QuadSLI pack is priced at $1,729.99; reference-design QuadSLI pack at $1,429.99; water-cooled single-card at $879.99; and reference-design single-card at $729.99.
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9 Comments on EVGA Storms Forth GTX 590 Launch with Four Classified Series Products

Jack Doph
At least the WC models will put out the fire immediately :P

EDIT: they do look nice though :)
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Per Hansson
Awsome, now just install a sprinkler nozzle on the card aswell so when it catches fire it will be extinguished immediately :laugh:
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Performance Enthusiast
I had a feeling they would be ready with waterblock'd cards, pity the power circuitry will hold back large overclocks...
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lol $1,700:twitch:..... I will take a set:toast:
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Calling reference designs Classified. Man they dropped the standards after Shamino left them.

Before rushing out with your hard earned pennies I'd suggest waiting for Asus or MSI and their custom better built pcb's.
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WC block and only 630Mhz??? Whoa...

Something very mysterious is going on with this 590 model...
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