Wednesday, April 20th 2011

Sony Announces MDR-DS6500 Wireless 7.1-channel Headphones

Now you can experience a rich, 3-dimensional world of crystal-clear sound with your headphones - with no interference and no wires. The new MDR-DS6500 digital surround headphone system from Sony gives TV programmes, movies on Blu-ray Disc/DVD and PLAYSTATION 3 games the soundtrack they deserve.

Exclusive to Sony, Virtualphones Technology (VPT) reproduces the soundstage of multi-channel speakers to create an immersive acoustic space. Even if you're listening to a stereo 2ch or 5.1 channel programme, VPT builds a virtual 7.1 channel soundstage that stretches 'behind and beyond' the screen. There's also a choice of selectable surround sound modes to optimise listening for movies, gaming or speech.
With a generous operating range of up to 100m (approx.), the MDR-DS6500 lets you wander freely around the house while enjoying uncompressed CD-quality sound. All-digital wireless transmission resists noise and interference from other devices in the home. Automatic tuning switches seamlessly between RF channels to optimise signal reception at all times, with no glitches or drop-outs.

Aside from superb audio quality, the MDR-DS6500 is beautifully easy to use. Just connect the headphone's processing unit to any multi-channel source and enjoy an immersive, 3D listening experience. The sleek, monolithic design of the charging cradle makes a dramatic match for your BRAVIA home theatre system. When it's not being used, just rest the MDR‑DS6500 on its elegant wireless charging dock. 3 hours charging time provides power for a generous 20 hours (approx.) listening time. The new MDR-DS6500 digital wireless headphone system by Sony is available from May 2011.

For more information about Z, ZX and EX series or MDR-NC13 or MDR-RF865RK headphones please visit: Z, ZX and EX series or MDR-NC13 & MDR-RF865RK.
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i want these, a lot!!!

is there any chance of a price?
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Closed back with 40mm drivers and fancy DSP. Meh, when are we gonna get awesome quality wireless headphones.
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no support for the modern blu ray audio standards, it seems.
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Ra97oRClosed back with 40mm drivers and fancy DSP. Meh, when are we gonna get awesome quality wireless headphones.
we already has

also don't judge a phone by its driver size.
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I never buy a sony product any more!

I was a Sony fan before and had Sony Surround Sound System and TV for over 10.000$ US. But unfortunately the SONY KV-36HQ100 36 Inch Wega Wide CRT TV I bought had defect in manufacture but that should not be any problem referring the Swedish Sony support who promise to replace it with a new one.

After some 4-5 weeks I started to get suspicious and after some phone call to Sony Nordic I did some investigation on my own regarding resource for that specific model of TV. The answer I got was that out of stock in the central storage in Denmark.

6 weeks later I got my TV back, I toke a real close look and found out that it has been on repairs and NOT replaced with a new one as promised. So I call up the support manager Thomas Luth on Sweden Branch, Sony Nordic A.S. and asked him whats been done with the TV and if they change it to a new one. I never got a concrete answer so I told him what I thought about the situation.

Thomas Luth could not face that I saw through there attempt to falsehood me so he screem out "do you think Sony are millionaires" and then he slam the phone in to my ears. That I was sitting on sick pay course of my depression was noting that bother them. Sony Nordic Sweden and :banghead: Thomas Luth just give a dam if they "kick on someone thats already are on the ground". Even more stupid Thomas Luth told the manager of the store that I bought the TV through that never sell any Sony product to me again. Talking about a sick stupid cockroach! I wonder how got that position he has or had. Course I can't believe it's out of high intellect other vice he would not slam the phone in the ear on a loyal customer like he did to me. I been working at a global American company by the name of Dow Jones so I really know how to behave against customers.

This is what a faithful Sony customer get from Sony Nordic Sweden and Thomas Luth. I wonder what the Sony management in Japan would say about that behavior? Maybe they just see me as one in a million and don't care at all. But one thing for sure...

I NEVER BUY ANY SONY PRODUCT EVER IN MY LIFE and that has nothing to do with the quality of Sony products. It's Just against my dignity.
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