Tuesday, May 31st 2011

Aexea Displays A Swarm of Memory Modules

Lesser-known PC memory, flash memory, and phone accessories manufacturer Aexea showed off its goods for the season, including some never before seen memory module heatsink designs. Aexea comes across as a boutique memory module designer, since it displayed many identically/similarly-specced 4 GB and 2 GB DDR3-1333 and DDR3-1600 memory modules with a variety of heatspreader and heatsink designs, in a number of colors, as well. Most of these are sold in single-piece packages, and not so much dual/triple-channel kits. Among these, a certain module called "Vampire" caught our eye, which uses a blood-red colored heatsink, a bat-shadow graphic, and jagged protrusions that put it into the category of semi-heatsink modules, of which G.Skill RipJaws and Corsair Vengeance are popular examples. And oh, they do seem to speak of US market presence.
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3 Comments on Aexea Displays A Swarm of Memory Modules

Interesting coolers for those who like flashy things. I personally always prefered the Corsair Dominator coolers.
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In the 4th pic you can see that the heatsink is attached with screws :twitch:
I guess they weren't kidding about "never before seen memory module heatsink designs".
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aexea? never heard before
but i have to say they offer nice heat spreader
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