Tuesday, May 31st 2011

WinChip Displays its Fancy Memory Modules

After Aexea, it's time to move onto another boutique memory module vendor, WinChip. This Taiwan-based PC memory vendor seems to focus on the form and design of the memory module (particularly the heatspreaders or heatsinks), so much so, that some of its modules even bear artistic true-color paintings. The first set of modules we came across used a unique kind of heatsinks. Among these, the first one reminded us of some of Mushkin's early heatspreader designs. The second one looks more unique, with a central portion of the heatsink protruding out. A heat pipe is running along the length of the module, evenly distributing heat. In another part of the exhibit, there's a module with a strange heatspreader design. The heatspreader increases module height by almost double, and has a few horizontal grooves to dissipate heat.

Moving on, there are a couple of normally-sized DDR2-800 and DDR3-1333 modules that bears branding of Avatar: The Game. Next up, are the modules attracting a lot of attention. These ones have heatspreaders with fancy true-color graphics, some are photographs, while the others are 3D art, mostly wild-animal themed, including the African Savannah, a gliding eagle, dolphins, toco toucans in a tropical jungle with banana trees, etc.,etc. The last set has heatspreaders with abstract writings in Asian scripts. Like Aexea, WinChip's modules are sold more on their product design. The modules themselves are mostly JEDEC-specced, with the exception of some heavier ones that run at PC3-12800 speeds.
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i haven't seen winchip in a few years i thought the disapeared, i used to have a set of winchip ddr2 800mhz stuff, it was okay had some good heatspreaders
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What? Avatar RAM modules, but no Inception RAM Modules?
But I wanted to have RAM inside my RAM!
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the ram with the balls must be the duke nukem edition... but would be better with steel balls.

duke aside,... looks like some pretty sweet ram. a bit late with the avatar ram i think. (the movie has been out how long now?)
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"hey look, my RAM got a wallpaper,,!!"

can't imagine some people will love to put fancyness on everything that will stuck inside their cpu case like forever. what next? fancy motherboard?
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I like how they globbed hot glue over it all.
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In the last pic, does the script on the heat spreaders say sucker and fool?
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In the "Stickers make my computer run faster" category, Winchip presents....

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