Tuesday, May 31st 2011

Thermaltake Level 10 GT Goes ''Green''

Thermaltake's peculiar Level 10 GT case, born out of the Level 10 concept, sticks to the black+red color scheme because black+red is a popular enthusiast color scheme used on several PC parts including certain motherboards and graphics cards by EVGA, ASUS, etc. Enthusiasts also identify red with ATI/AMD Radeon. What happens when you replace red with lime-green? Well, the Level 10 GT goes "green" (NVIDIA-themed). Apart from the dash of green where red once existed, there's nothing green about this case, it uses the same exact materials, and is made for the same class of people that burn anywhere between 500 and 1500 Watts of power to play console-ports at 1080p.
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8 Comments on Thermaltake Level 10 GT Goes ''Green''

Oh, I see what you did there, very clever. Ranting on a very bad stuff while reporting something awesome, I like that, it's very subtle (no sarcasm). However, the worst part is that it's true.

I think that this color scheme is a little over the top. It is too green, the regular version doesn't have that many red in it. If they want to show another color scheme, they should keep the same design and just change the colors, not add more.
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an offence to my eyes, that case!
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I like the colour green over red, but I still dislike this case lol.
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I'd rather have this...

In fact, I'm not sure why anyone other than Nvidia themselves would buy that green and black thing over this.
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nice green, but i guess we need more features than just color replacement
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white gets dirty easily.. i'd rather have black :)

but still white looks good

my favorite color is green so it doesnt matter ^__^
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OMG my eyes .. . . just when you thought TT had made the ugliest case ever .. . . they give it horrible lime green accents!
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