Tuesday, May 31st 2011

Xigmatek Also Shows XAF Series 140 mm Fans

While Xigmatek's stock fans that ship with its CPU coolers are quite decent, the company's standalone fan lineup isn't big. The company wants to take steps toward that with its new XAF series fans. These 140 mm (140 x 140 x 25 mm) fans use elliptical frames, support 140 mm, as well as 120 mm mount hole spacing, and 4-pin (with PWM) power input. The impellers of XAF fans keep up with the unusual shape of the frame. The fan blades are wavy shaped, with blunt edges, this design increases air-flow, so later that could be traded off with lowering fan speed to achieve low noise. The fans come in three color options, including piano black, pearl white, and Xigmatek's trademark shade of Orange/Auburn with silver lining and copper lining (for some reason the blades end up looking like bacon strips). More details are awaited.
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Wish these came in 200mm, to replace my Cooler Master ones. D;
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Volkszorn88 said:
Wish these came in 200mm, to replace my Cooler Master ones. D;
Bitfenix has a few with FDB
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The blade design should cut down on noise "delta wing" type design.
These should be more efficient than old school blade design.

Would have thought someone would have build a funnel / narrowing type design by now.
ie: 140mm fan that fits on a 120mm opening similar concept to a jet engine high CFM + strong pressure with a slight funnel shape and then screw holes placed on the 4 back black arms to centre core area and tightening in between blades "rotate blade to get access to screw" Basic fan depth would increase to 1.5 or 2 times current depth.

This could then be used as exit or cpu fan, it can have 2 places for screws both 120mm and 140mm on this example above. Dual purpose + a bit of optimization on the mounting system etc.
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