Wednesday, June 1st 2011

EZCOOL PSUs Are Dipped in 80 Plus Gold

The EZCOOL booth had PSUs of various shell designs, some are fixed-cabled, others semi-modular. One thing common is they're all 80 Plus Gold certified. The run-up began with a compact 1000W fixed-cable PSU, the PS-1000. Next up, are a pair of PSUs with fancy air-intake grills that use acrylic-made designs. Maybe these structures are lit up. The 600W PS-600, and 900W PS-900 fall in this category. Moving on, there's a duo of mid-range, fixed-cable PSUs with fancy air-intakes. The PC-05 is 500W, 80 Plus Gold compliant, and has a gold-colored fan to "show" that. Next, there's the 690W PS-690, another fixed-cable box, but with a round, spirally-spoked grill. Lastly, there's a trio of familiar-looking PSUs, including the 700W PS-07, 650W PS-650, and 890W PS-890.
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2 Comments on EZCOOL PSUs Are Dipped in 80 Plus Gold

wow 80+ and gold rating
it must be good on performance
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Pffffttt I had an EZ cool PSU tat had an 80+ rating (the lowest one) didn't stop it from pumping out 40c air when idling.
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