Wednesday, June 1st 2011

Akasa Also Shows off Venom Series Cases

Akasa also unveiled two of its latest PC cases targeting gamers, which make use of the Venom color scheme, the Venom Toxic, and Venom Strike. The Toxic is the larger among the two, it is an ATX full-tower that appears to support XL-ATX form-factor motherboards with 10 expansion slots. The case is very airy, the side-panel is almost entirely perforated, with room for side-panel fans. The top holds a large 200 mm fan, and a utility tray. It's quite possible that there's a HDD dock in there. The Venom Toxic also has cable management features on its motherboard tray. The Venom Striker is the value ATX mid-tower, that supports standard ATX, MATX, and mITX motherboards, it looks to provide all the essentials gamers need, including good, quiet ventilation (evident from the top 200 mm fan), and some cable management. The front panels on both cases are up to date, including USB 3.0 ports.
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7 Comments on Akasa Also Shows off Venom Series Cases

like they wanna offer you the same scheme with their hsf
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*sigh* More ugly cases with random molded plastic pieces everywhere.
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Chief Broken Rig
lol not to mention the THOR just LOOKS better its not so.... bleck rounded looking
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This case isn't that ugly. Does look kinda cheap and plastic-y though. Lots of room, high airflow, and affordable. Just stick it under the desk if it's too ugly, or give it a paint job.
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That thing is looking to the ceiling... I'm horrified just now.
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