Thursday, June 2nd 2011

Noctua Designs LGA2011 Mounting Kit Free Upgrade

Weren't we all both surprised and touched that Noctua gave away free mounting kit upgrades to all owners of compatible Noctua coolers, when the industry was waking up to LGA1366 from LGA775? Noctua plans a similar move, giving away LGA2011 mounting kits to owners of Noctua coolers (any cooler released after 2005). The company showed off its LGA2011 mounting kit prototype at Computex. The kit builds on the SecuFirm 2 design, and lets you install Noctua heatsinks on socket LGA2011 motherboards that seat Sandy Bridge-E processors. Any user of a Noctua CPU heatsink released after 2005 with a proof of purchase will get the kit free of charge. Even otherwise, the kit will be sold at a nominal price, like it did with the LGA1366 mounting kit.
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2 Comments on Noctua Designs LGA2011 Mounting Kit Free Upgrade

Really wish other companies would match this. Cheers to Noctua! :toast:
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This means quite a lot, people. Huge props to Noctua. I'll be looking at their products more carefully now given how they conduct themselves.
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