Friday, June 17th 2011

iiyama Launches New 20-inch ProLite Monitor in Europe

Japanese display major iiyama released the new ProLite B2008HDS 20-inch monitor in Europe. This LED-backlit LCD display features a 16:9 aspect ratio with a native resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. With a response time of 2 ms, it's geared for gaming. Other vital stats include 250 cd/m² of brightness, 1,000:1 static, and 30,000:1 average contrast ratio or ACR (iiyama is modest with this stat). Display inputs include DVI and D-Sub. Its stand allows 90º pivot, tilt and height adjustments by up to 10 cm. The monitor includes 1W internal stereo speakers. Backed by 3 year warranty, the iiyama ProLite B2008HDS is priced at €129.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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8 Comments on iiyama Launches New 20-inch ProLite Monitor in Europe

Overclocked quantum bit
This sounds quite unexciting. I'd like to see some innovation in the monitor market.
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just another 16:9 TN crap
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Some people will like it because it's a Japanese brand. Like windy cases. Not better than anything else, but comes from anime land.
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Completely Bonkers
I don't understand how "pro" and x900 TN can go in the same product definition statement.

HOWEVER EUR129 for a 20" rotatable TFT with speakers is just amazing value compared to what we were paying just five years ago.

I request Eizo to make a "ProLite" at 23" with 2560x1440 high pixel density rotatable please. You have a customer waiting ;)
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who would buy a monitor at 1600 x 900 these days?
iiyama make some good monitors but this one is kinda pointless

need more IPS panels cheaper or just need to get to the next type of panel already
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IPS and other quality LCDs won't be getting cheaper until the major vendors stop with the price fixing and collusion.
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I think I'm just going to flat out say it... it's time to ban non-HD screens from this EARTH!!:p
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I'm all for HD+... I have more than HD on my current screen (1920X1200)... but the "enthusiast" market isnt as big as youd like to think it is and everything has its place. trust me if this were not the case, hardware would reflect this fact. They arent making the screens for us because they like us... its about where the money is!

Theres a lot of people on the planet, and not everyone is as savvy or has the needs we do ;)
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