Monday, June 27th 2011

Gigabyte Intros Rev. 2.0 of its GeForce GTX 560 Ti SuperOverclock Graphics Card

Gigabyte released a new revision of its GeForce GTX 560 Ti SuperOverclock graphics card. The new revision features a better (quieter) cooler, it retains the clock speeds of the original GTX 560 Ti SOC. The new cooler uses a similar, if not identical heatsink as the one in the original's cooler, with a dense aluminum fin array to which heat is conveyed by copper heat pipes. Unlike the original, the new cooler uses bigger inclined fans that deliver the same air flow at lower speeds, ending up being quieter.

That aside, the Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti SuperOverclock features clock speeds of 950 MHz core, 1900 MHz CUDA cores, and 1002 MHz (4008 MHz effective) GDDR5 memory. There is 1 GB of memory spread over a 256-bit wide memory interface, churning out roughly 128 GB/s of memory bandwidth. Gigabyte's in-house PCB uses Ultra Durable VGA+ construction, with 2 oz copper layer board, power-conditioning NEC Tokin Proadlizer, hand-picked GPU and memory chips, Japanese solid-state capacitors, ferrite core choke, and low RDS (on) MOSFETs. The card takes power from two 6-pin power connectors, display outputs include two DVI and one mini-HDMI. Expect the new revision to carry a similar price tag as the original, around US $260.
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News Editor
I was thinking they would cross 1GHz this time. But they took a seat back.
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I guess they simply don't have enough chips that will do 1Ghz.
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I guess we are in that strange limbo land of the gfx card cycle, where the only trick left to the marketing department is to come up with slight tweaks and refreshes to the current range until AMD and Nvidia unleash the new stuff in Q4....
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Overclocked quantum bit
Valdez said:
Rev 1.0 is 1000/2000/4580.
v1 had a 950MHz variant too and in the UK, the 1GHz version was never available.

I had the 950MHz version for a short while and can thoroughly recommend this card. It overclocked to 1GHz effortlessly and was reasonably quiet at load. This version will be even better.

If someone wants an affordable high performance card, this is the one to get.
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