Tuesday, June 28th 2011

Patriot Wildfire SSDs Deliver Enterprise-like Performance to Desktops and Notebooks

Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash, storage and enthusiast computer products, today announced it is now shipping their new Wildfire series solid-state drives powered by a new SandForce SSD processor. The Patriot Wildfire series obliterates expectations of storage devices and delivers enterprise-like performance to consumer desktops and notebooks.

The Wildfire series utilizes the new SandForce SF-2200 processor enabling it to shatter previous SSD performance records with up to a blazingly-fast 555 MB/s sequential read and up to 520 MB/s sequential write speeds all backed by a SATA 6.0 Gb/s interface.
"The Patriot Wildfire is the fastest SSD drive we have ever released," says William Lai, Patriot Memory's Product Manager. "Although we are a bit late to market, we wanted to ensure that the technology was rock-solid. We are confident with the latest firmware, Patriot’s reputation for quality and performance stand second-to-none."

"We are happy to see Patriot Memory is expanding their current SandForce Driven™ product line with the new SandForce SF-2200 client SSD Processors," said Kent Smith, Sr. Director of Product Marketing of SandForce. "Patriot has won numerous awards and we anticipate they will win even more with our latest generation 6.0 Gb/s client processor."

The Patriot Wildfire series SSDs ship with the latest 3.1.9 firmware, which has been found to be bug free, and do not fall within the recent recall due to failed drives. In addition the Wildfire series features a standard 2.5-inch form factor for compatibility with notebooks and select desktops. A 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch mounting bracket is included with the Patriot Wildfire for compatibility with standard hard drive mounting.

General details
  • New Patriot Wildfire series SSDs
  • 120GB & 240GB capacities, 480GB coming soon
  • SandForce SF-2200 SSD processor
  • SATA 6.0 Gbps interface
  • Up to 555MB/s sequential read speeds
  • Up to 520MB/s sequential write speeds
  • Up to 85K 4K random write IOPS
  • TRIM Support
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37 Comments on Patriot Wildfire SSDs Deliver Enterprise-like Performance to Desktops and Notebooks

Why dont we all stay on topic and just oogle at those read/write speeds.
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My name is Dave
mlee49 said:
oogle at those read/write speeds.
What do you think I'm doing? :laugh:

I'd love to do my testing with these drives. I need many. :laugh: That's what floating in the back of my head...I need 480GB drives @ that speed, many many of them.

"Argument" was started over needing 300GB for an SSD(as ost run OS only on SSD), or normal uses. However, the 480GB drives have a definite audience, which i consider myself a member of.
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Served 5k and counting ...
Wow! I leave for a few seconds and everything just blows up. Lol

And trust me I am totally oogling the drive speeds!
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I agree now none of us need huge TB SSD drives, because they are expensive and its fine to run games and media, and store backups in mechanical. So Until SSD is cheaper than HDD, I wont be getting anything over 240GB, 120GB should be enough, but 240GB seems to run faster.

Soon i wont need a bunch of HDD weigthing a lot on my case.

A 10TB ssd with 2.5 factor will be great. but i can wait 5 years up to a decade for that.

And i hate all of you argh!!! splosh!!!
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@ everyone gawking at why people like cadaveca & JR RacingFan need this amount of SSD storage...there is a reason why companies released the epic sizes of SSDs like 480/512/960, its very simple. Because they feel that there is a market for them, and indeed there is, however small it might be. And in the future, that market is going to get bigger and bigger, its just the way of the world. "bigger, faster, stronger"...;)

OT, I've been waiting for Patriot to release their lineup for the longest time it seems (maybe because OCZ has had their SATA 3's out for a while). I just wish they talked about the price in this press release. However, it has TRIM support too!! :D
Let the SSD price wars begin!!
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If you can afford ssd, use it. For any purpose. To me, besides the speed factor, efficiency (electrical), is very important. I don't need the speeds of a ssd. My wallet likes the energy sipping, no noise making, space-saving ssd. I can afford ssds, so I use them. I also use a very efficient PSU. I can also afford solar panels and an energy star compliant washing machine. Does that mean I should only clean work clothes in that washer, and leave play clothes for the topload washer? No. Energy efficiency is not cheap at the start, but it pays dividends that may not be measurable. I think economists call this utility. I can feel good about using (spending money on) ssds.
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well it is easily measurable. how much did it cost, and how much does it save you on repair/electricity.

there does come a point though, where if you are sensible - you recognize that just because you
CAN afford something, doesn't mean you should buy it.

cadaveca said:
Don't forget time savings!
i definitely did, and can totally agree - if it cuts productivity time you MUST include
that, without a doubt.
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My name is Dave
digibucc said:
well it is easily measurable. how much did it cost, and how much does it save you on repair/electricity.
Don't forget time savings! if the 480GB is $500, but it saves me 1/2 my time on installs, app setup, etc, that's a worthy purchase for me.(basing $500 off of $200 240GB drives)
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You get a different utility from ssds...I save juice with a bonus of speed, you get speed with a bonus of juice savings.
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I like my 120gig one, enough space for the os and a few programs, 300gb would be nice and could handle quite a few more programs but was only looking to pay ~200usd for the drive.
When TB ssd's get down to ~200usd it will be nice, no moving parts and much longer life spans, no writing errors from writing to them nonstop 24/7. Still a few years off tho.
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Sorry patriot but your SSD's are just not reliable IMO!

JrRacinFan said:
Just sitting back waiting for prices to drop. Keep all the SSD's coming. It will be a while before I get one but once I do it will be at least 320GB+

Now that is music to my ears, err umm eyes I mean! :cool:
I personally say stay away from Patriot IMO they still have reliability issues, I have had to RMA my Torqx no less than 4 times, and as such I went with after the 2th time and got a refund from patriot, they make quality products their SSD's just do not seem to be at that lvl yet, I still buy their flash devices and ram though, and they take care of their customers, hence the refund even though I bought from Newegg.

IMO 200 is more than enough, I personally have near 200 Steam games, and there is no way I nor many people could afford to have an array (let alone back it up!) that could have all that installed. 200 gigs is enough for about 15-20 games, utilities and OS and easy to back up.
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Wile E
Power User
arterius2 said:
no, im not hating you, though I'm curious what you got on that drive, however 125GB is still a far cry from your 300GB claim, I can see you will do just fine on a 120GB SSD if you exercise certain constraints that are recommended to keep SSD in top shape(tom's hardware got an excellent article on it a week back).

After you installed all your necessary application and games, you'll find its actually quite difficult to fill up the rest, - if you exercise common sense in space management that is. I often go through people's machines and find many software they don't actually use (or rather, not even aware they are installed) and clear up a huge chunk of space they never thought they had. modern games are about 10gb each, I doubt people install 20 games on their system anyways.
I do. I install ALL of my games on my OS partition. I am also waiting for big SSDs to drop in price. I just did a clean install, and only have about half of my Steam games installed, and have filled up 100GB, with at least another 250GB to go. I do not store any music, movies or even photos on my OS partition. I have a 9TB server for that.

That's just the way I like to do things. To each their own.
arterius2 said:
No, you do not >>NEED<< 5-8TB of SSD just for >>REGULAR<< usage, that's just ridiculous, you seem to be doing just fine without ANY SSD at the moment. If you just have OS and application installed on your SSD, with the rest of the games running off mechanical, you will still experience a huge improvement in overall responsiveness.

So no, you DO NOT FREAKING NEED 5-8TB of SSD, that is just borderline trolling.

please take your troll comments else where, clearly you need some fresh air outside your basement if you believe your life revolves around 10-15games (out of 300+) that you play REGULARLY. Its really bad for your health.

PS. of course this is my oppinion, and i'm stating it. take it or leave it.
Why should I get a small SSD and compromise, when I can get a large one and have no compromises? If I am going to spend money on an SSD, I want it to fit ALL of my needs in one shot. In case you couldn't tell by my system specs, I'm not an incremental upgrade kinda guy. I only upgrade every once in while, but I go big when I do.

"Need" is a pointless argument. For 90% of people, computer related stuff is purely based on wants, not needs.
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