Friday, July 29th 2011

Fujitsu Unveils LIFEBOOK SH531 for Back-to-School Season

Fujitsu introduces a new notebook that tackles the trade-off between functionality and price, combining both in a package starting at under EUR 500. An ideal "back to school" notebook, the 33.8 cm (13.3-inch) Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH531 notebook weighs only 1.9 kg, yet does not compromise on features, performance or energy efficiency.

Available across the CEMEA&I region via Fujitsu resellers, the slimline LIFEBOOK SH531 checks all the "must have" boxes for students choosing a studying companion, with features such as anti-glare display for outside working, a Computrace-enabled BIOS allowing the notebook to be tracked remotely if lost or stolen, software and hard drive locks, and even a spill-proof keyboard.
Users are well-connected thanks to built-in Bluetooth, WLAN, an eSATA port and an ExpressCard slot for external UMTS. Intel Wireless Display Technology even allows users to connect the notebook wirelessly to a display.

Fujitsu has designed the LIFEBOOK SH531 to ensure that throughout its lifecycle, the notebook has a minimum environmental footprint. The use of toxins in production has been minimized, and system design focuses on energy efficiency. Users can expect battery runtimes of more than six hours, thanks to the smart family of second-generation Intel Core i3 and i5 processors which deliver performance that automatically adapts to user needs.

Dieter Heiss, Head of Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions says: "In the past, choosing an affordable notebook was always a trade-off between functionality and price. We are changing that with the LIFEBOOK SH531, an obvious choice for school, home, or small business users who are shopping for an attractively-priced notebook with a full feature set."

Fujitsu's LIFEBOOK SH531 is already on the Fujitsu price list in the CEMEA&I region (Continental Europe, Middle East, Africa & India) and can be purchased online and at select retail locations.
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3 Comments on Fujitsu Unveils LIFEBOOK SH531 for Back-to-School Season

Ugly and doesn't have a radeon inside. Not my cup of tea.
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This is obviously just a bog standard laptop with minimal performance features not intended for decent gaming.

Most of the Fujitsu I have worked on are just pieces of junk but this is due to the user rather than the laptop.

I the spill proof keyboards are great, although they can still get easily messed up, the liquid finds it hard to get to the internal components which is whats important.

Better a damaged keyboard than damaged keyboard and internal components.
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looks nice but the color looks standard. if fujitsu puts bright color on it it would be much better.
dark color usually applied for mid and serious notebook. for lightweight and student segment colorful notebook would attract more attention
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