Friday, August 5th 2011

Team Group Announces Xtreem S2 SATA 6 Gb/s SSD

Team Group Inc. officially announced the Xtreem SSD family’s second SATA3 super high-speed solid state drive – Xtreem S2. In addition to the outstanding performance and energy-saving abilities, the Xtreem S2 SSD features customized product positioning and market strategy in accordance with the need of mainstream enthusiasts, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the speedy pleasure of extreme performance at an economical price.

In consideration of the rapidly growing need for performance-oriented SSD on the mainstream market, Team Group roll out Team Xtreem S2, offering high quality at preferential price, based on on the mission of SSD promotion, and the core product concept of high cost-performance ratio. Team Xtreem S2 achieves max read speed of 550 MB/s and max write speed of 520 MB/s With high performance and a more competitive price which compared to other SSD products on the market, Team Group show their determination to introduce its high-speed SATA3 device to all power users.
In addition to inherit the Xtreem family’s excellent tradition of high speed and high stability, Team Xtreem S2 also integrated Team Group’s innovation in research and development and four major optimization technologies including TRIM Command, Garbage Collection, DuraWrite and Wear Leveling. It not only has much longer lifespan than other SSD devices, also accomplishes the supreme enthusiast’s ambition. Team Xtreem S2 is definitely the best choice for enthusiasts to DIY computers and upgrade laptops.

Team Group Inc. is a leading manufacturer of memory storage products, and provides the ultimate solution to satisfy consumer need for storing and sharing media and data. Team Group offers a 2 Years warranty and repair/replacement service on all SSD products.
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1 Comment on Team Group Announces Xtreem S2 SATA 6 Gb/s SSD

Nice. Another player joins the SATA 3 SSD game.
TRIM + garbage collection = beast. I like how their focus is on the reliability and longevity of the drive instead of raw speed. Because honestly, which Sandforce 2281 controller doesn't give good speeds anyway? I like this, keep em coming.

edit: BTW, btarunr, the post says Team Group will cover this SSD with 2 years warranty, but in the slide it says 3 years...which is it?
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