Monday, August 22nd 2011

Renesas to Revise µPD72020x USB 3.0 Controller Unit Price

Since neither Intel nor AMD have concrete plans in place to fully integrate USB 3.0 SuperSpeed controllers into their motherboard chipsets, at least not beyond a couple of ports, the market for third-party controllers is intact. Renesas is planning to make its 2-port PCI-Express 2.0 x1 controllers even more competitive in a market that is now seeing competition, a market which its controllers pioneered. Renesas acquired the USB 3.0 controller IP from NEC. By early 2012, Renesas will be in a position to price its controllers as low as US $1.20 per unit. Compare that to the $5 these controllers cost when they entered the market.

Renesas' mainstream USB 3.0 controllers, the µPD72020x series, are sold in the upstream supplier market for $2 per unit, as competitors' controllers are going for US$1.50-1.70. The company is facing competition from a number of new and established manufacturers, including VIA Labs (VLI), ASMedia, and Etron Technology. While most motherboard manufacturers have, at some point, used NEC/Renesas controllers, the major ones are beginning to move to its competitors. For instance, ASMedia controllers can be seen on newer motherboard models from ASRock and ASUS, Etron can be seen on Gigabyte ones. VLI is emerging as a favorite of USB 3.0 add-on cards. Source: DigiTimes
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3 Comments on Renesas to Revise µPD72020x USB 3.0 Controller Unit Price

does this translate to wider adoption of USB 3 ?
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@RD5TUFF]does this translate to wider adoption of USB 3 ?
You can expect even the cheapest $50~$90 boards to come with them.
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Still not enough ports. Why waste money on an addon card that only offers 2 ports? Give me 6 ports. Yes there might not be enough bandwidth, but I will never be attempting to 100% max every port simultaneously. Just share the bandwidth between more ports. If somebody wants to max 2 ports, then let them only use 2 of the ports.
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