Tuesday, August 30th 2011

Sharkoon Announces Tarea Mid-Tower Case

Sharkoon is expanding their collection of PC cases: The Sharkoon Tarea comes with nine 5.25" bays and a straightforward, simple mesh front design as a follow-up to the successful Sharkoon Rebel9 Economy.

The ATX case, to include the interior, maintains a completely black lacquer finish. The front presents itself with nine different mesh faceplates, while mesh inserts in the rounded, vertical frame edges complete the design. The nine 5.25 inch bays and seven card slots offer more than enough room for hard drives, optical drives, function panels and expansion cards of your choice.
Six built-in drives are externally accessible, while the three lower bays are located behind the removable front fan bracket. Sharkoon includes decoupled mounting brackets for hard drives and 3.5 inch drives, as well as mesh faceplates with 3.5 inch openings. Optical drives and hard drives are secured using the practical quick-locking mechanisms; the main board tray provides a CPU cooler mount opening and feedthrough for orderly cable installation. The ATX power supply is fitted on the bottom of the case. The top I/O panel provides audio jacks, two USB2.0 ports and an eSATA interface. Two rubber-protected feedthroughs are provided on the backside for water cooling hoses.

The Sharkoon Tarea comes without any preinstalled fans. For an individual cooling design tailored to particular requirements the case offers mounting options for a 120 mm fan in the front, two 120 mm fans on the side panel and a 80 or 120 mm fan in the rear. The case measures 475 x 200 x 440 (L x W x H), the empty weight is 6.2 kg. The internal dimensions support the installation of graphic cards and power supply?s up to 30 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 16 cm in height.

End customers will find the Sharkoon Tarea available immediately for the suggested retail price of 36.49 euros in authorized retailers.
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6 Comments on Sharkoon Announces Tarea Mid-Tower Case

The only thing Sharkoon should have done was installed rubber bushings/grommets where you'd route your wiring. For the price though...this seems like a really good deal on what I'd say is a clean, great looking case. Ugh lol, I really dislike that they labeled the bays for as CD-ROM, silly.
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It bores me to death... Cheap or not!
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Th3pwn3r said:
The only thing Sharkoon should have done was installed rubber bushings/grommets where you'd route your wiring...
The edges are rolled, no danger to wiring
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It wasn't the issue of the wiring be in danger to short, I just think it provides a cleaner look. I guess it doesn't matter since it doesn't have a window though. Guess I was just being too damn picky.
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The price is right, any chance of a review?
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