Wednesday, September 7th 2011

AMD Delays FX Series Launch to October, Expands First Wave

Even as there are rumors that the launch of Opteron processors based on the Bulldozer architecture is imminent, there is news that AMD has rescheduled the launch of its FX series performance desktop processors to October 2011, sources told X-bit Labs. The reasons for the delay are known, but when the processors do come out, AMD wants to make sure that they target as many performance price-points as possible, and so the first wave of FX processors will include 7 models, that's four 8-core FX-8000 series chips, one 6-core FX-6000 series chip, and two 4-core FX-4000 series chips.

The first wave is going to include the 3.60 GHz FX-8150, the 3.10 GHz FX-8120 that will be available in 95W and 125W variants, and 2.80 GHz FX-8100 eight-core models; 3.30 GHz FX-6100 six-core model; 4.20 GHz FX-4170 and 3.60 GHz FX-4100 quad-core chips. As you can see, AMD does seem to have tweaked the clock speeds of some of the models compared to older clock speed tables by other sources. The next wave of FX series processors is slated for Q1 2012, which includes faster models across the three lines. According to data compiled by X-bit Labs, the FX series can now be tabulated as shown below.

Source: X-bit Labs
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CDdude55 said:

The Crosshair V is an awesome and sexy looking board, i was looking at it until my eyes dropped down to the price lol.

Can't wait till the board gets here.:rockout:
I ordered my CHV on wed morning. I was lucky and got 1 of the last 10 Crosshairs they had in stock. :D
I rang today and it will be here this Tuesday at the latest.

That Bios is going to be sweet and cant wait to try it myself... If I can hit 4.5 on my 1090T with the CH4 Im hoping it gives me a bit more to mess around with till the 8 core monster comes out...
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CDdude55 said:
Ordered a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 board. So i'm hoping for no more BD delays!!!
Same board as i will be getting, nice choice for the right price. :rockout:
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Wowzer, And I thought by now everyone had a (wait for OFFICIAL information) thing buttoned up. And now here we go again.
It's like what is wrong with this picture deal again.
I'm not going anywhere until I actually see it and hear it from AMD and I suggest you all do the same ok?

And as one famous computer named Hal once said "look Dave, I can see your really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill and think things over" LOL..
Well they were kind of his last famous words aside from a little song about daisy.... lol..
But they still could apply here and calm everyone down until you hear good information. Even if it's good data big deal, no one is going to go crazy and kill anyone unless someone promised Vinny "one-eye" Basketcase, that he would have his computer built and working or else this month... lol...
At least I got a few spare Valium's laying around...
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