Monday, October 3rd 2011

Evercool Unveils Transformer S CPU Cooler

Evercool showed the first pictures of its Transformer S series CPU cooler. The Transformer S is a compact aluminum fin tower-type CPU cooler aimed at those just getting started with performance third-party cooling. It has Intel LGA 1366/1155/1156/775 (adjustable) push-pins pre-fitted, so installing it is as simple as installing the stock cooler, it also comes with a mounting kit for AMD sockets. Measuring 130 x 161 x 78.5 mm, the cooler weighs 630 g, so the cooler isn't quite "entry-level".

The Transformer S uses a high density aluminum fin stack to which heat is fed by two 8 mm copper heat pipes, that pass through the base, making direct contact with the CPU. It is ventilated by a 120 mm "Ever Lubricated" bearing fan that is PWM controlled, and spins between 800 and 2,200 RPM, with rated noise output under 35 dBA. Evercool didn't let out pricing details.
A promotional video follows after the break.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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19 Comments on Evercool Unveils Transformer S CPU Cooler

"I take the field; I am here to protect you"

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Sound like Evercool may have found another shard of the Allspark.
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I bet the stock cooler outperforms this
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what an eye roller
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Notice how fan rotates in the wrong direction in the video? :D
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RejZoR said:
Notice how fan rotates in the wrong direction in the video? :D
I think your screen is backwards, turn it around. :laugh:
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LMAO this is so cheesy, yup did see the fan rotation. No delta zigzag blades.
They must be selling to console gamers, look at the video graphics and the transformer theme.

O well back to non-console PC world. Did anyone notice the inclusion of 2011 socket adapters this late in the game with what 1 or 2+ months then we have 2011. :banghead:
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*CPU is overheating. Smoke and everything!*
*Shoot at it with two pistols.*
*Insert new cooler.*
*Cooling problems solved.*
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can we have something new in cooling solution
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
This cooler is a joke compared to their transformer 4! I have the transformer 4 that I picked up from chicken patty and I must say it works very well for OCing even on I7 platforms and mine is beat the hell up and I get good temps.

I have it currently on my AMD Athlon X4 630 Oced to 3.6ghz 1.4V and full load is 39deg :)
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The Terrible Puddle
The only thing I like about this cooler is the top covers for the heat pipes.
It makes the cooler look a lot cleaner which many companies do not offer. (Scythe use it on some of their coolers, but that's metal nuts and looks like it's screwed on.)

Gonna make red identical heat pipe covers for my NH-D14 soon. About it should be in metal or plastic I haven't decided yet :)
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I'm going to buy one just because of the video.
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WTF, is that interesting? a 2 HeatPipe small coller?
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that video. fcking scares me.

also yes, fan spin wrong way.
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Pro Indian Modder
that video was made in th 90's. also it spins in the wrong way.

it was probably made for free by a fanboy Lulz...
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The video was freaking awesome! :laugh: Thought I'd get this for Athlon II X2 250...
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Mussels said:
that video. fcking scares me.

also yes, fan spin wrong way.
actually in real world if something spinning too fast our eyes cant follow it so we just watch it spinning backwards
like wheel spins example
maybe that video wanna copy the effect of it
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