Thursday, October 6th 2011

Corsair Announces New Liquid CPU Coolers

Corsair, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the Hydro Series H40 and Hydro Series H70 CORE liquid CPU coolers.

The Hydro Series H40 is Corsair's new entry-level liquid CPU cooler and is designed to provide effective and reliable liquid cooling at a price that's affordable for mainstream computer users. Like all Corsair Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers, the H40 is a self contained, closed-loop system that comes pre-filled and never needs refilling. It works with most modern AMD and Intel sockets, and comes with an illustrated quick start guide to make installation easy even for CPU cooling novices.
The Hydro Series H70 CORE is based on Corsair's award-winning Hydro Series H70 and is provided without the fans so users can personalize their cooling performance. It is aimed at experienced PC performance enthusiasts who already have 120mm fans, or who otherwise wish to supply their own fans. The H70 CORE includes a 38mm double thick radiator for superior cooling potential.

"The Hydro Series helped revolutionize the liquid CPU cooling industry by providing the power of liquid cooling in self-contained, maintenance-free systems," said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager of the Components Business Unit at Corsair. "As CPUs continue to get faster and hotter, liquid CPU cooling is going mainstream and the Hydro Series H40 is an excellent choice for adding liquid CPU cooling to basic desktop PCs. The Hydro Series H70 CORE was developed to meet the needs of customers who'd like to save money by purchasing a high-performance liquid CPU cooler and making use of the fans that they already have."

The H40 and H70 CORE will be available in October from authorized Corsair retailers and etailers worldwide. The Hydro Series H40 has an MSRP in the United States of $59 USD, and the Hydro Series H70 CORE has an MSRP in the United States of $89 USD. To get the full story on Corsair's complete line of Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers, please visit this page.
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bear jesus
Animalpak said:
Many high end air coolers have similar results, or you do some custom WC system or do not buy these because they have no real advantage.
You are forgetting about people like myself who have had enough of over 1kg of metal either pressing down on or hanging off of the CPU socket.

Going from a full copper scythe ninja with 2 fans to a H50 massively reduced the strain on my board making both me and the board much happier :laugh:
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where the hell are my stars
CyberDruid said:
I assume you mean by "the circuit that should make the water is simply too short" is that the radiator lacks surface area comparable to multi fan form factor radiators.

That would be a sure bet. If a small surface area can somehow cool better than a large surface area somebody better call CERN and let them know they aren't the only ones that discovered something outside the parameters of physics and reality.

But from my own tests with single radiators I find a single radiator, even a thin one, even on a short loop with no res, just a T line will cool an overclocked Quad. The water shifts heat from the copper more efficiently than air does from a heatpipe. This allows for somewhat denser construction of LC heat exchanger parts.
thats because water is a more effective than air at transferring heat.
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techtard said:
Is that why Coolit comes with a 5 year warranty, and the Asetek units come with 2?
I agree with you, asetek better and rarely troubled
such problems on corsairs H100
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