Thursday, December 8th 2011

Zalman Enters Graphics Card Business, Starts Selling AMD Radeon

Korean company Zalman, known more for its innovative PC air cooling solutions, PSUs, and cases, entered the graphics card business. The company is now an AMD Radeon add-in board (AIB) partner, and started its lineup off with some upper-mainstream models. It makes perfect sense for Zalman to enter this business, as it holds some expertise with high-end graphics card cooling solutions. Zalman can source PCBs from any of the major foundries such as PC Partner, Hightech Information Systems, or TUL, and assemble its coolers on top of them. Zalman's first three graphics cards are based on Radeon HD 6870, HD 6850, and HD 6770, with AMD reference clock speeds. What markets Zalman will target its new graphics card lineup with, is not known.
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de.das.dude, post: 2479242"
ah, i see. i guess i'll be a more risktaking businessman.
More likely a terrible one. Have fun "taking risks" in the graphics card industry, which is already saturated, is seeing depleting sales, and is stonewalled by game consoles.
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Aleksander Dishnica, post: 2479291"
Is 6770 a rebranding to 5770?
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Wow, great news… It might even compel XFX from remaining on the path of being the "slouch-e-ust" AIB of AMD... XFX seems to want to replace HIS as low man on the totem pole in terms of accurate model configuration, quality, and customer service.

Zalman is surely having an established PCB partner that say supplies AMD OEM reference PCB, and get components/cards prebuilt. They add the cooler and are hopefully retest to insure they are sending top notch quality. Back it with a really strong technical customer service and they can break in. Ultimately they need to have board designers to really differentiate themselves, but they can partner with say an HIS and infuse a new philosophy/values. There’s no reason they couldn’t find a place. I wish them the best!

LAN_deRf_HA, post: 2479058"
At least one of those coolers is your standard Chinese cookie cutter sink
Ah, the same ones Zelman has been probably providing.
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real difference will be on gpuz
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Maybe AMD will learn how to make a VGA cooler from them? :P Would be nice partnership (will never happen of course).
I'd love not to have to spend extra money on cooling if I want to stay sane.
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This is actually, in some ways, a fairly well conceived idea. If Zalmann produces reference PCB cards with extravagant cooling...They'd potentially make great cards to try to overclock with. They already make a lot of cooling products. The problem I think they may face is replacing existing chips with custom parts...I'm not sure I'd trust them there. But a reference card with a good cooler I'd buy...I'll wait for some reviews first but, I'd buy them.
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Their experience with cooling is the only reason that joining an already crowded market makes sense.

If the cards they make aren't quieter and cooler than other manufacturers I would be disappointed. And will they be too.
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I can see Zalman offering extended warranties or even honoring warranties for users who swap out the stock cooler for a Zalman branded one.

Seems like a decent way to double tap a market when launching a video card line.
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