Thursday, December 8th 2011

Twitter makeover goes live for mobile users, claims to boost ease of use

Character-constrained carrier bird Twitter has today begun to showcase to the world its brand new look, one that aims to streamline sharing, connecting, following and discovery. Now available through, Twitter for iPhone, and Twitter for Android, the redesigned micro-blogging platform offers an interface that revolves around five main tabs - Home, Connect, Discover, Me and Tweet.

The Home tab is all about the tweets coming in from the people and/or companies the user follows. For each tweet you can also check out the responses and comments available, as well as the embedded images and videos. Moreover, here you can find suggestions on new people to follow and a list of the latest Twitter trends.

The Connect section lets users see who retweeted, favorited or mentioned their tweets. The Discover tab, which is marked by the hashtag logo, lists the stories and tweets that may be of interest. Their relevance is determined by the user's current location and the people he/she follows. Here Twitter also provides a larger suggestion list, friend searching, and a window to browse accounts by category.
The Profile tab is where you can edit your Twitter-ego, see and send personal messages, and check out your image and video uploads. Last but not least there's the Tweet button for sending your 140-character messages out to the world. The tweaked Tweet button is bigger and enables people to quickly tag their location, associate trends to tweets and, of course, to put up photos and videos.

As already mentioned, the 'new and improved' Twitter is available for mobile users, but the desktop crowd should get it too, in the next few weeks.
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good new ...........
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Pretty cool stuff! I use HootSuite at my internship and here at home, so that streamlines everything nicely, but this makeover sounds great!
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