Wednesday, December 14th 2011

Zaward Intros New 50 mm Fan

Zaward introduced a new 50 mm fan for PC, server, and electronics applications. Measuring 50 x 50 x 10 mm, the fan spins at speeds of up to 5,000 RPM ± 10%. It uses a 9-blade impeller that pushes 8.9 CFM of air, with a noise level of 29.2 dBA. It uses a common ball-bearing design that gives it an MTBF of 50,000 hours. It is available in 3-wire, 3-pin connection, that draws 1.2W of power using 12V DC / 0.1A. It will be available through OEM and retail channels soon.
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12 Comments on Zaward Intros New 50 mm Fan

Ferrum Master
I don't want to be rude... but what the heck is that?

Such lame specs. Ball Bearing? 29.2 dBA??

I would like to recommend Sunon Maglev series, it seems these ones come from medieval age...

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I have to agree, the specs compared to other server/industrial class fans are on the low side.
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It's quite unremarkable in every possible way...
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I could use a replacement 50mm for my wonky Fractal Designs fan. But this does not fit the bill...
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Is this really worth the news? It's just some fan. I'd understand if it was a 50mm fan that spits fire and makes sheep noises while spinning and has pink LED's all over, but c'mon, a regular ball bearing black fan? I am disappoint.
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this is not that?

the old cooler from this ati rage fury maxx card ?

Some people reinventing the wheel .... and it seems that it comes with corners:)
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Does it even scream loud enough like a real server banshee shriek fan? lol
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50mm ball-bearing fans are truly rare ... heck ... I want one :)
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maybe put some LEDs and maybe ill consider buying it
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Pro Indian Modder
Error said:
50mm ball-bearing fans are truly rare ... heck ... I want one :)
i have 5 new ones. and they are cheap compared to larger fans.

2$ a piece.
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