Wednesday, December 14th 2011

Cougar Revises GX-Series PSUs with Newer Fan Design and Flat Cables

COUGAR revised the award-winning 80PLUS Gold certified GX-series Power Supply. The fan used previously was replaced by a proprietary development of COUGAR. From now on, one 140 mm fan COUGAR VORTEX HDB is used. The fans of the VORTEX HDB series have a much longer lifetime (300,000 hours MTBF) and are still much quieter. Bearing noise is through the hydro-dynamic bearings almost impossible.

We have responded. In response to a lot of customer feedback, now modular flat cables are used to achieve a perfect airflow and provide a simpler interface cable assembly. The internal filtering has been optimized for better ripple noise levels and a further increase in efficiency achieved. Special attention was paid to the design of the power supply housing. This is enhanced by the redesigned golden fan grill and the fan comes with its patented VORTEX fan blade design very nicely. The new photo-realistic packaging gives the impression that you had the power supply before opening in your hands.
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3 Comments on Cougar Revises GX-Series PSUs with Newer Fan Design and Flat Cables

So the Power Logic fan is replaced now...
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Darn I was hoping they would show the flat cables like the the Corsair and NZXT ones.
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I've heard flat cables are harder to manage as they are not good on bends.
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Jun 26th, 2022 09:39 EDT change timezone

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