Friday, December 16th 2011

AMD Pulls Radeon HD 7970 Launch to December 22

In a surprising move, AMD pulled the launch date of Radeon HD 7970, a high-performance single-GPU graphics card based on the 28 nm Tahiti silicon, up to December 22, 2011; from its earlier launch date of January 09, 2012. The January date was a lot more than speculation, as older presentation slides from AMD to distributors and retailers talked specifically about it. The move to pull December 22 (next Thursday) spices things up in the run up for CES. First, it gives AIB partners full freedom to show off their custom-design graphics cards at the event, along with full details about GPU specifications and clock speeds.

According to a VR-Zone report, Radeon HD 7970 will launch on December 22, 2011, this will be the day you will be able to read reviews of the card (at least the AMD reference design board), online. It will be a limited launch (read: paper-launch), but one can expect "full" retail availability of the card by January 09. Another interesting bit of information is concerning the Radeon HD 7950. This card will be available in non-reference board designs from day one, it will however launch on January 09.

Source: VR-Zone
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36 Comments on AMD Pulls Radeon HD 7970 Launch to December 22

BlackOmega said:
It'll wholly depend on performance. If it's not much more powerful than the 6xxx series, don't expect too much of a price drop.
Similarly to how the 6xxx series wasn't all that much better than the 5xxx series, so the 5xxx series retained their value for quite a while.
They retained a lot of their pricing due to bitcoin mining too, I think... correct me if I am wrong :)
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radrok said:
They retained a lot of their pricing due to bitcoin mining too, I think... correct me if I am wrong :)
Very true, however, if you think about it, there really was no justification to buy, let's say, a 6950 1GB, when a 5870 could be had for quite a bit less and had similar performance.

I know I didn't pay anywhere close to MSRP for my 6950's. My XFX 6950 actually cost me less than what I paid for my XFX 5870.
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This is great! I have noticed my Xfire 5870's are getting a little overwhelmed with newer game engines, especially with tessellation. So looks like I will be getting a 7xxx series unless Nvidia has a really good solution. Also excited to see what Nvidia's answer to this will be.
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Shut up and take my money :laugh:
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Gonna need to get my hands on a couple 7970's.
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The Exiled Airman
Atleast AMDs graphics dept is executing manufacture and marketing properly compared to the CPU Dept, now just need brains like that in the CPU dept.
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Super XP
If the price is right and the performance is true Next Gen, then I will also get a HD 7970. But it depends, I may just pick up another HD 6970 for Crossfire is the prices go down and the performance is similar or better.
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Because I don't feel like finding the specs thread, I will post this here. GPU accelerated compression for the masses. We don't already have that right?

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I look forward to GPGPU implementations of this new architecture, should be more friendly than VLIW4/5
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hopefully it is better, i am hoping to snag a second 6950 cheap to crossfire with the one i have :)
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