Friday, December 23rd 2011

ECS Announces Wi-Bridge Wireless Display Adapter

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world’s leading motherboard, graphics card, barebone system, notebook and mobile device manufacturer has launched its first wireless display solution for HDMI display devices—ECS Wi-Bridge designed to delight your entertainment experience with wide and big screens.

ECS Wi-Bridge not only is small in size, but also smart in function. ECS Wi-Bridge is a lightweight, wireless display adapter which is portable and compact to save more space in your living room or on your office desk. ECS Wi-Bridge successfully breaks wired limitations and bridges your PC or NB to a big screen display supporting 1080P HD high quality resolution output via HDMI. ECS Wi-Bridge supports varying display modes meeting users different browsing performance needs. In addition to easy life, ECS Wi-Bridge is ideal for office use. Save time unplugging and easily switch between various presenters. You will find conferences smoother and more enjoyable.
Compliant With Different Systems
ECS Wi-Bridge supports every kind of common video/audio/photo formats. Transmitting via Wi-Fi connection, ECS Wi-Bridge can cover a range of up to 30 meters; and the utility can be compliant with iOS and Android systems. Moreover, easily control the content on your devices wirelessly with a remote control bundled in the package. ECS Wi-Bridge provides the best wireless solution to break the boundary between your PC and the couch.
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6 Comments on ECS Announces Wi-Bridge Wireless Display Adapter

I think all the media buffs on here (including me) would love to have something like this. However, I am worried about them making a low priced item that can maintain 1080p quality over wifi.
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If this is based on the Broadcom chip they demoed at Computex then this won't have any problems streaming high quality video, even in a fairly "noisy" wireless environment. Shame it doesn't mention what hardware is inside the box, as that'll make a big difference.
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Wireless HDMI over 5.4GHz :ohwell:

I think there are other Wireless HDMI solutions that run @ 50GHz
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Now the next thing is to make a unit which can broadcast various multimedia at the same time to to different displays.

Noe that would be nice.

One unit to cater for the whole house without needing a physical connection.
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No-one here seen Intel's WiDi? It's over Wi-Fi and works just fine
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v12dock said:
Wireless HDMI over 5.4GHz :ohwell:

I think there are other Wireless HDMI solutions that run @ 50GHz
and? the 5.4 will have longer range.

i cant wait for this kind of tech to get cheaper.
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