Friday, December 23rd 2011

Firefox 10 Beta Available for Download

Since it already got its holiday present, the new three-year search agreement with Google, Mozilla has went into a gift-giving mode and served up the first public beta build of the next Firefox release, version 10.0.

According to the developers, Firefox 10 comes with Full Screen APIs (so web apps can run in full screen mode), with support for CSS3 3D-Transforms and WebGL Anti-Aliasing, and an added HTML5 treat, the < bdi > element for bi-directional text isolation.

The beta also includes a forward button which stays hidden until you navigate back, an Inspect tool with content highlighting, IndexedDB APIs, and a few fixes. Just like its predecessors, the Firefox 10.0 beta is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The download links can be found here.
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27 Comments on Firefox 10 Beta Available for Download

treehouse said:
i like how the 64bit browser lovers never answered this fine question.
Did he ask the same question when the world moved from 16 to 32 bit computing ?

The answer is simple, IMHO: because it's progress. With RAM cheaper than a night out with the family, people still cling to that ridiculous 4 GB limitation ?

I don't know why they even launched Win 7 X32 tbh... MS could've just offered extended XP or Vista support and switch to 64 bit completely with 7, but since we're talking big bucks here, they chose to dwell on the obsolete.
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