Tuesday, December 27th 2011

ASKTech Intros NT-TX3000BK Fanless Mini-ITX Chassis

Japanese company ASKTech introduced its latest ultra-compact, fan-less mini-ITX case, the NT-TX3000BK. Measuring 295 (W) x 270 (D) x 76 (H) mm, this case is designed for your living room shelf. It can hold mini-ITX motherboards that feature Intel LGA775 or LGA1155/LGA1156 sockets, specifically these sockets, because its bundled ZENO (zero-noise) fan-less CPU cooler. The sides of the case double up as a heatsink. Due to power supply limitations it only supports CPUs with TDP under 65W.

The ZENO cooler consists of a base with retention module, from it, two sets of heat pipes arise, that lead to the two sides of the case, where heat is dissipated to the air passively. The location of the base can be adjusted, as also the points where the heat pipes make contact with the sides of the case, so you don't have to worry about where the CPU socket of the board is located.
The case uses an external 100W power supply (NT-TX2000), which can either give the motherboard a direct 12V supply (that some mini-ITX motherboards have), or using an additional PCB that will sit inside the case, convert it to 24+4 pin ATX connectors. The case also includes a Windows Media Center-compliant remote control (NT-IMON100) with a USB reciever. ASKTech did not give out pricing information, yet.
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5 Comments on ASKTech Intros NT-TX3000BK Fanless Mini-ITX Chassis

Bird of Prey
Reminds me of the old Zalman Case from a few years back that was completely fanless, yet made out of aluminum, a huge heatsink in itself and worked really well.
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thats kinda ingenious with what they did there. The pipes go to the sides that look like long heat spreaders to just cool off by room temp. You may still want a home fan blowing on it or atleast don't put it in a closed cabinet.
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Wile E
Power User
I always wondered why more companies don't do this. I had an old iMac G4 that was given to me that used the chassis as a heatsink via heatpipe transfer.
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Pro Indian Modder
tehy did something like this on silentpc
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