Friday, December 30th 2011

Lenovo Dumps the 'Netbook' Moniker with Ideapad S110

Although not officially announced, Lenovo's Ideapad S110, which is based on the Intel "Cedar Trail" Atom processor platform, showed up on a teaser video by the company. Lenovo is referring to this 10.1-inch netbook as a "mini notebook". Generally, big vendors such as Lenovo refer to portable computers in this category as "netbook" or "sub-notebook". In its video, Lenovo revealed the Ideapad S110 to come in four fabulous color options. The S110 is driven by Intel Atom N2600 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 320 GB HDD, a 10.1-inch HD screen featuring 720p resolution, a 2 megapixel web camera, 98-percent full-size chicklet keyboard, Lenovo's Quick Start feature, and USB 3.0. 10/100 ethernet and WiFi b/g/n are standard, though 3G HSDPA can be opted for. Windows 7 Starter is the OS of choice. ProVantage already listed the Ideapad S110 (base) for US $321.62

Lenovo's teaser video follows.

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Cedar Trail will have some serious competition even with existing AMD Fusion components (namely E-350/E-450)...
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yeah intel gives more on atom, but for daily use its enough
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Call it whatever you want, it's still a netbook to me. I'd rather browse the web on my Galaxy Nexus, TBH.
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I also hope this IdeaPad won't be as shoddy as it was mine. I don't think i've ever owned anything as bad as it was the Ideapad that i had. It was 2 months old and pretty much everything on it died and was replaced. Any Acer that i know was way less problematic and ppl constantly bitch how cheap Acer's are...
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I see nothing 'pad' about it.

It's just a netbook with up to date features.
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Overclocked quantum bit
I'm glad they've done this, as 'netbook' is a stupid, misleading name.
btarunrIn its video, Lenovo revealed the Ideapad S110 to come in four fabulous color options.
You're sounding like a fashion show, bta. :wtf: lol
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It's about time Intel updated the Atom! This new N2600 is kinda similar to Sandy Bridge, 32nm, 64-bit Dual Core with integrated DDR3 memory controller and integrated Intel graphics right in the CPU die. Well at least compared to that old outdated Diamondvill Atoms they ran with for so many years with the graphics and memory controller in the NB I mean damn that was based on the ancient 945G chipset! It's almost laughable when you think about it. Major upgrade from the old Atoms! I'm glad to see that. I imagine the whole chipset in total (not having separate chipset for GPU etc) will bring the total wattage down too. Good thing cause most netbooks have laughable battery life too. Honsetly my Acer Aspire One with the 3 cell battery is good for like an hour and a half. What a freakin' joke that is. By the time I get the thing powered up and start surfing the web the battery is half dead!

But otherwise why is Lenovo calling this an Ideapad? I thought Ideapad is what they called their Tablet? No, they actually do have a 10.1" tablet called the Ideapad! It's got dual cameras, decent glass screen with IPS panel, dual core CPU and 6-8hr battery life. It's actually really awesome and it sells for $300! Half the price of an Ipad2 or Samsung Tab 10.1 for similar usability. It's even got microSD and HDMI ports! Damn. The thing is I like Lenovo, they still make great laptops and now I think they have the best Android tablet for the price, period. But no one I talk to, I mean your average Joe who isn't a tech head but is familiar with the Samsung, Sony and Apple brands hasn't heard of Lenovo. I actually work in a PC shop and when I talk about laptops the average customer is looking for Dell, HP, Sony etc and when I recommend looking at Lenovo as well they say who? They've never heard of them or they have but they think it's a no name brand! I say they're basically IBM and then they say "Oh, I didn't know that!"

My point? Lenovo sucks. They have some of the best products and some of the worst advertising. I know they bought IBM's PC division or something like that but they should be allowed to, or be buying the rights to use the IBM name. They should all say "IBM Lenovo" on every product and they need some TV advertising for their new tablet!
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